Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blogs You Need To Read This Month

Hey lovelies, I thought I'd share with you the blogs I've been loving lately - I haven't shared the blogs I've been reading in a long while so I hope you like this post.

Vix Meldrew - I know I mention Vix in my favourite blog posts a-lot but I just love her blog so much, her writing on dating is amazing and so insightful. I love her photography and lifestyle posts and I hope to attend on of her dating events this year if she runs anymore!

Heart Shaped Bones - I just love Jess and her blog but this month her fashion posts have gone above and beyond and I just love her recent post on fashion blogging and originality! Her photography and content are just amazing.

Midnight and Lace - I love Robyn's blog so much, I love the variety of content that she makes and her fashion and hauls are my favourites. I really loved her Just a girl post this month - it's definetly worth a read!

Salt and Chic - I love Amy's blog so so much, her fashion and travel posts are just amazing. I've been reading her Iceland post on repeat as I'm hoping to go later in the year and Amy inspires so many of my outfit purchases.

Leanne Lim Walker - I have watched Leanne's Youtube forever - it's hands down my favourite, I often forget that she has a blog as well and I've been reading it so much this month and loving it. Also how gorgeous is her photography?

Katie Middleton - I've been reading Katie's blog on a off for a long time but this month I've been loving her beauty posts so much especially her Colourpop reviews and her has the blogging community changed this month.

Food and Baker - My favourite food blog hands down. I love their recipe posts and their budget series was amazing which is definitely something worth reading and they also have a lean series too which is fabulous.

These are a couple blogs you need to read, they're all amazing and I recommend them - I might try to make this a monthly post.

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