Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Lush Haul

Hey lovelies, so I'm pretty much always shopping at lush and buying new things to try. I brought some bits and bobs when I was at Oxford Street I tried to pick up some bits are different to what I normally use.  I did also pick up some exclusive bath bombs but I've already used them, I got the cyanide pill bath bomb and the roller and both were honestly amazing - I definitely recommend them if you can get to the Oxford Street Store.

Plum Rain Shower gel - I was actually at the Oxford Street lush store the day this product was released so I just had to get a bottle. I'd heard good things about it before but never tried it. When it comes to shoer gels I prefer a sweeter scent but Plum rain has a really strong mandarin scent with undertones of plum. It's really quite gorgeous. I'm not sure I'll use it everyday but I really love the scent. I went for a medium bottle but I do wish I'd got a large as I might enjoy this more in Autumn.

Montalbano Shampoo Bars - I'm a massive fan of the lush shampoo bars they work so well! I dye my hair often and this shampoo makes my hair feel so much smoother and softer and just healthier. I went for this particular bar because I absolutely love the lemon scent. It smells like fresh cut lemons with a hint of rosemary. I also got one of the lush tins to keep it in because they keep the bars nice.

Cup O'coffee face mask - This is one of my favourite face masks. I definitely prefer the fresh face masks because of they have a nicer texture. The coffee smell is absolutely gorgeous and it's literally like a fresh shot of espresso so if you like coffee then I definitely recommend it. The face mask is really easy to apply, I prefer to have thick layer of it on. I find that it really does stick to me when I remove the mask and I find the small bits everywhere but it leaves my skin smelling amazing and feeling very hydrated and soft.

So here are some bits I picked up, I've also almost tried everything from the valentines day collection and I'm loving it. I'd love to know what bits from lush you're loving right now. I have a couple more lush reviews be sure to check them out!

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