Saturday, February 04, 2017

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

Hey lovelies, recently I treated myself to the Zoeva Rose Golden palette, after hearing so many good things about the brand I just had to snap it up. The palette cost me £18 and I got free shipping with Beauty Bay - I ordered it Saturday night and it arrived first thing Monday morning talk about speedy shipping!
The main reasons I went for this palette were the colour scheme and the ridiculously beautiful packaging. Can we just take one second to appreciate the packaging. The key, the rose gold and beautiful colouring. Honestly it's just fab!

When you open the palette up theres no mirror but a little key image with the Zoeva logo. I'm a little disappointed there was no mirror but such is life. The shades are as followed;

  • Luster - Nude matte
  • Reflective Elegance - Soft bronze shimmer
  • Copper is King - Rich metallic copper
  • Shining Bright - Shimmering chocolate
  • Rusty Petals - Metallic rusty brown
  • Foil - Foiled golden metallic
  • Just a Rose - Classic rose gold
  • Golden Rule - Timeless metallic gold
  • Harmony - Matte charcoal
  • Wonder Full - Dark chocolate matte

Personally I'm a metallic eyeshadow kind of person, I love how they look under my glasses. So for me Copper is King, Rusty Metal, Foil, Just a rose and Golden Rule are my favourites and if I'm completely honest I won't touch the other four shades very often at all.

As for the quality most of the shades are really buttery and easy to apply. I find there is very little fall off and they blend quite easily. I've been using the seventeen brushes with the palette as I don't own any Zoeva ones. I did find the matte shades a little harder to blend and a little chalky but they aren't shades that I will really touch.

I've really been loving the palette and I'd love to buy another in the future. I can't wait to experiment with this palette and I might post some looks with it. Have you ever used any products by Zoeva? I'd love to know!


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