Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Haul

Hey lovelies, so recently I got the Zoella Sweet Inspirations range - I tried them when they came out and my boyfriend brought these for me because I absolutely love the macaroon scent. So shoutout to my boyfriend for being fab. I'm only talking about three products today which are the body creme, le fizz and the sweet inspirations body mist.

Double Creme - This is the one product from the collection that I didn't like the first time round. I'm not a fan of any type of body cream in general but I love the scent of the product. When trying this a second time I found that I enjoyed it more in just using it on my hands and legs and I try not to apply it anywhere else. It's really soft and kind of moisturising and I just really like it.

Le Fizz - I was really unsure about this when I first saw the products because I'm so sensitive to bath products and this is the reason I tend to only use lush bath bombs. Luckily this wasn't too bad on my skin and I found it to be really relaxing. The smell is super sweet and I just love it. 

Sweet Inspirations - This is my favourite products from the range because it smells perfect and is reasonably priced at £8. It has a really sweet but not overpowering scent and is great for everyday use. I personally like to wear this to uni so I don't use up my expensive perfume. It definitely has the sweet macaroon smell that the range is based after and is honestly such good quality for the price. Super drug also have it on a 3 for 2 offer which makes it really affordable to buy a few bits. Also can we appreciate the packaging for this product, the bottle is really nice shaped and the copper parts really compliment in.

I'd love to know if you've tried any of the products in the collection and what you think about them! 


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