Thursday, February 09, 2017

Where to buy blog props?

Hey lovelies, so this was a sort of requested post - I'm very often asked where I buy my blog props from. I'm not personally someone who have complex flat-lays or even uses many props but I thought this could be super helpful to people wanting a little something extra to add to their photographs composition. I'm going to split this up into shops and then individual items! 

Primark Home

Primark home has some of the most affordable pieces of homeware and many of these can be used as amazing blog props. The rose gold candle holder I use alot is from Primark and I believe it was £3 which if you only plain to use it for your blog is pretty cheap. I also got this trinket tray from Primark in the summer too. I would recommend checking their stationary as well as they have marble set and they Primark also sell their collaboration with Velvetgh0st/Gabriella.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

For those who don't know what Tiger is, it's a very cute homeware/stationary store. They're are a few of them around England. I personally love buying homeware bits from them because they always have a wide range of bits. The gold basket in the image above is from Tiger and cost me just £2! They have lots of copper, gold, black homeware bits that are really perfect for adding to photos.


I'm not going to lie I love IKEA for general homeware but they have so many bits that are perfect for jazzing up your blogging photography. I have this beautiful dish from them and so many fake plants - you can also jazz them up with colourful pots like I have. If you're looking for a blogging bargain I definitely recommend IKEA. The Dish was £4 but is really large ( they have other sizes) and the plant a steal at £3. They also have a really good art section.

Amazon/ Ebay.

I couldn't recommend these anymore. I have so bits from both, this film Clapperboard cost me just £1 on amazon and is perfect for film posts and if you only plan on using a prop once or twice it's not expensive. From eBay I've brought many cheap brushes to use in my flatlays for as cheap as £1-2 and they do the job.

Shop Independently

Now if you're looking for something in particular then I recommend Etsy because you can shop from a range of independent small businesses which is great. Etsy has a wide range of art pieces/quotes/ personalised bits that you can use. I personally love shopping from friends and I got this amazing mug and trinket dish from my friend Amy.

Other shops I recommend are, Next home ( It can be a little bit pricey), The range, H&M Home, B&M and Home bargains . These shops have always had great little bits and bobs that I've loved I just don't shop at them enough.

Now if you're looking for something particular I'm going to try and break down the best places to get bits.

Lightbox - Now light boxes are definitely very popular but a large one from New Look Home can set you back as much £25. I personally recommend getting on from B&M as they're around £7-8 for an A4 sized box and work amazingly. They have ones that have the emojis included.

Copper/Rose gold bits - I honestly love everything copper/rose gold and by far the best places to pick them up are Tiger/New look home/ Primark. 

Art/Quotes - Looking for some cute inspiration quotes or some artwork to brighten your photography then head to Etsy/Paperchase. They're normally the best and you can always find a really great deal.

Film props - Blog about film regularly and want some film related props ( Popcorn holders/film clappers etc) then I recommend checking Amazon or poundland/B&M.

Makeup brushes - Ebay is amazing for bargain makeup brushes, they have so many different colours and types. If you're looking for something that you're going to use everyday as well as a prop then maybe check Crownbrush/Spectrum/Seventeen/Lottie etc as they all have amazing brushes. 

I hope this is pretty helpful and if you have any questions then let me know! Please remember that you don't need to buy bits to use as props as you can use things you use everyday if you have them such as lush bits/makeup/stationary etc! 


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