Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Things I've loved in February

Hey lovelies, February has literally flown by I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of March. I haven't done any sort of monthly favourites in a long time so I thought I'd share with you things I've loved this month.

1) Riverdale - Riverdale is a Netflix original series and if you haven't watched it - then you need to. It's based around a murder in the town and if I say anything else I'll probably be spoiling it.

2) Plants - Especially cacti.

3) Peppermint tea - I'm a coffee drinker 99% of the time but I do love a minty tea. I've been drinking the twinning peppermint tea as it's the best.

4) Bullet Journaling - I've kinda returned to bullet journalling but in its most basic form as I don't have lots of time to make it pretty!

5) Pokemon Go - Not going to lie I've been playing every second I'm awake and I already have 50/80 of the new Pokemon available. I had a couple of days when I didn't play because of food poisoning but I'm better and ready to catch 'em all.

6) Divergent - I loved the book series when I read them and recently Netflix added the first film Divergent which I hadn't seen before and honestly it was amazing.

7) The Cure for Wellness - This is a cinema release I'd been waiting for since the advert came out. I love this style of thriller/horror and it didn't disappoint. It is very fucked up and needed every trigger warning out their but I loved the twists and it was so worth the wait.

8) Painting - I paint almost everyday at uni so it's easy to forget how amazing it is and how therapeutic it is.

9)  Ed Sheeran - Shape of you. I'm not a fan of pop music whatsoever and I'm not really a fan of Ed Sheeran but I really liked this song- it's catchy and really cute.

10) Rings - I'm a massive horror movie fan and so this was top of my to see at the cinema list. It was amazing and so much better than the second Ring film. I much preferred the darker route that took the character development down to the previous films. Definitely worth a watch if you like horror films.

11) Ember Candle Co - This is one of my favourite candle brands and this month I brought two of their beautiful skull candles to add to my collection ( I have 9 now) and I also won their competition and got a beautiful jewellery stand.

12)  Yellow roses - I don't really tend to buy flowers that aren't potted but I got given roses three times this month and all of them were yellow and cute.

13) London - I visited London six times this month and every trip was amazing! I mainly visited galleries, went shopping at Oxford Street and met up with friends.

14) The Maze Runner - Another film added to Netflix that I really loved this month, I've read the books and I loved the film adaption.

15) Redeemed House of Night - This is the last house of night book and it's by far my favourite, I love the series they're my favourite books. Definitely recommend them if you love vampires/magic/romance,

16) Homeware - I've brought a ton of homeware this month ready for moving out in July and I'll be sharing what I've brought in a post in March.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to know what you've been loving this month.


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