Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tangle Teezer Lulu Guiness

Hey lovelies, so recently I received this gem in my blogger mail and I honestly died of happiness because I love Tangle Teezers I use mine everyday. I choose to receive the Lulu Guiness Tangle Teezer because honestly I love the look of it and how sleek it is! Also that artwork is beautiful.

One thing I've always loved about them is that they work so well. I personally have very thick hair and I also have a lot of it. I wake up most mornings with my hair being one massive knot and for a long period of time I really struggled maintaining my hair until my first year of university when my flatmate introduced me to Tangle Teezer and I've honestly never looked back. I find that by gently brushing my hair in sections that it removes all my tangles and only takes me 3-5 minutes to do every morning which is a vast improvement on my old hair routine.

This particular Tangle Teezer is a compact styling brush which is perfect for detangling your hair on the go. It's a really great size and would honestly fit in a clutch bag as well as an everyday bag. The tangle  teaser also has a back on it so that it isn't exposed which I really like (my other one doesn't have a backing). As well as using this to detangle your hair it can be used to add volume too if you back brush your hair!

I'd love to know if you've ever tried a tangle Teezer before and what you think of them! I personally adore them and if you're thinking go buying on they can be found on the Tangle Teezer website or they're stocked at Boots!


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