Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life Lately

Hey lovelies, so I haven't done a chatty catchup in ages and I wan to do them more.  Since January life has been really busy for me and my third year of university is killing me off - I'm really stressed and eating way to many biscuits per day.

I've almost finished my dissertation - yay! I've been in the editing and re-writing stage for about a month. I've been taking my time with it as I'm actually very proud of it and I've still got two months until I need to submit it. I've also decided to do my masters next year and not take a gap year. I just think that's the best think for me to do right now, after finishing my masters I want to continue straight on and do my PhD which means I'll be in education for the next 6-7 years haha. But I'll have a doctorate before I'm 30.

I've also just finished my month off work. I've been utilising the time well but I'm not looking forward to going back after having so much time off I know that everything will be massively different too. I've had so much time to blog and I've really enjoyed it, and you may have seen some changes on my blog and with my photography. I've worked massively on improving my photographs and making them brighter and I'm so happy with them.

I visited my home town a few times to and spent time with my family, it was really fun. I did a-lot of shopping and treated myself a little too much but from now I'm focusing on saving money and travelling. I have visited London three times in the last three weeks which has been amazing, I've seen lots of art and I went down to see the Free Range Winners Exhibition at Truman's Brewery which was fabulous and I totally recommend.

How's life been for you lately? Let me know in the comments.


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