Sunday, February 05, 2017

Changing my blog

Hey lovelies, so I guess this will probably be the most informal post I currently have on my blog. I had a post scheduled for today but that won't be going live for a little while, not for any reason other than I just wanted to post this instead.

Over the last few months I've fallen out of love with my blog, although I adore writing, photography and reading a multitude of blogs I feel that my own personal space on the internet no longer fits me. I've been wanting to go in a different direction for a few months and now I'm just going to change my little blog because I want to.

If I had a niche I'd probably say that I fit between beauty and lifestyle and although I like beauty it's not the only thing I love.  I love film, I love reading, I love travelling, I love art and I feel like these should take a bigger place on my blog than what they have.  I've got so many posts I want to publish but most of them never leave my drafts because they don't fit my current content and that's not something I want.

I'm going to be putting my blog on maintenance mode for a few days why I change things around and I'll be posting again either Thursday/Friday/Saturday when everything is how I want it and I've got new posts.

Here's to change, and hopefully better photography!


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