Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Things I've loved in February

Hey lovelies, February has literally flown by I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of March. I haven't done any sort of monthly favourites in a long time so I thought I'd share with you things I've loved this month.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Haul

Hey lovelies, so recently I got the Zoella Sweet Inspirations range - I tried them when they came out and my boyfriend brought these for me because I absolutely love the macaroon scent. So shoutout to my boyfriend for being fab. I'm only talking about three products today which are the body creme, le fizz and the sweet inspirations body mist.

Double Creme - This is the one product from the collection that I didn't like the first time round. I'm not a fan of any type of body cream in general but I love the scent of the product. When trying this a second time I found that I enjoyed it more in just using it on my hands and legs and I try not to apply it anywhere else. It's really soft and kind of moisturising and I just really like it.

Le Fizz - I was really unsure about this when I first saw the products because I'm so sensitive to bath products and this is the reason I tend to only use lush bath bombs. Luckily this wasn't too bad on my skin and I found it to be really relaxing. The smell is super sweet and I just love it. 

Sweet Inspirations - This is my favourite products from the range because it smells perfect and is reasonably priced at £8. It has a really sweet but not overpowering scent and is great for everyday use. I personally like to wear this to uni so I don't use up my expensive perfume. It definitely has the sweet macaroon smell that the range is based after and is honestly such good quality for the price. Super drug also have it on a 3 for 2 offer which makes it really affordable to buy a few bits. Also can we appreciate the packaging for this product, the bottle is really nice shaped and the copper parts really compliment in.

I'd love to know if you've tried any of the products in the collection and what you think about them! 


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jeffree Star Rose Matters Review

Hey lovelies, so recently I made my first ever beauty bay order and when I saw that they had some of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics I had to pick some up. I have previously brought from them via the American store but I try to avoid buying anything from America now days because almost everything can be found on a English store!  So I was excited to see how it would go.

I ordered at 2am Tuesday in the morning and by the time I’d got up for university it has been dispatched. Which was less than an eight-hour gap, which is amazing I was so happy with the speed. Then early Thursday morning the Hermes guy delivers my package. I honestly couldn’t believe how quickly it showed up especially when the postage was free.

Anyway moving onto the actual product now, if you’ve not seen the product before they come in these beautiful little pink boxes with the most beautiful design on them. The box has five stars on it in gold and honestly screams luxury. The top of the box has the shade name on it; the shade I’m taking about today is Rose Matters. On the JS website the shade is described as soft neutral coral shade. Which is it but I will say that the shade it much more paler in person and looks so good on.

The quality of the lipstick is amazing and rivals that of my personal favourite brand Lime Crime. The mixture feels so buttery when you apply it to your lips and smells really good (which most liquid lipsticks don’t) and the applicator is such an amazing shape. I found that one layer was perfect and lasted pretty much the whole day, it’s not too drying but I would suggest using a lip scrub or lip balm prior to application as it really does make the world of difference!

I also picked up the shades unicorn blood and redrum as these are two I’ve always wanted but missed out on. Both are reds, unicorn blood is a darker deeper red and redrum is a brighter red. I might do a review on all the red shades I have from JS as I have a couple more of them! Let me know what you think.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life Lately

Hey lovelies, so I haven't done a chatty catchup in ages and I wan to do them more.  Since January life has been really busy for me and my third year of university is killing me off - I'm really stressed and eating way to many biscuits per day.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tangle Teezer Lulu Guiness

Hey lovelies, so recently I received this gem in my blogger mail and I honestly died of happiness because I love Tangle Teezers I use mine everyday. I choose to receive the Lulu Guiness Tangle Teezer because honestly I love the look of it and how sleek it is! Also that artwork is beautiful.

One thing I've always loved about them is that they work so well. I personally have very thick hair and I also have a lot of it. I wake up most mornings with my hair being one massive knot and for a long period of time I really struggled maintaining my hair until my first year of university when my flatmate introduced me to Tangle Teezer and I've honestly never looked back. I find that by gently brushing my hair in sections that it removes all my tangles and only takes me 3-5 minutes to do every morning which is a vast improvement on my old hair routine.

This particular Tangle Teezer is a compact styling brush which is perfect for detangling your hair on the go. It's a really great size and would honestly fit in a clutch bag as well as an everyday bag. The tangle  teaser also has a back on it so that it isn't exposed which I really like (my other one doesn't have a backing). As well as using this to detangle your hair it can be used to add volume too if you back brush your hair!

I'd love to know if you've ever tried a tangle Teezer before and what you think of them! I personally adore them and if you're thinking go buying on they can be found on the Tangle Teezer website or they're stocked at Boots!


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kat Von D Hellbent & Lovesick

Hey lovelies, so recently I got paid an eight week paycheque from work and so I decided to buy some new lipsticks. Not that I need anymore but I'd been dying to try the Studded kiss Lipsticks from Kat Von D, I have previously tried the everlasting lipsticks.


Thursday, February 09, 2017

Where to buy blog props?

Hey lovelies, so this was a sort of requested post - I'm very often asked where I buy my blog props from. I'm not personally someone who have complex flat-lays or even uses many props but I thought this could be super helpful to people wanting a little something extra to add to their photographs composition. I'm going to split this up into shops and then individual items! 

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Changing my blog

Hey lovelies, so I guess this will probably be the most informal post I currently have on my blog. I had a post scheduled for today but that won't be going live for a little while, not for any reason other than I just wanted to post this instead.

Over the last few months I've fallen out of love with my blog, although I adore writing, photography and reading a multitude of blogs I feel that my own personal space on the internet no longer fits me. I've been wanting to go in a different direction for a few months and now I'm just going to change my little blog because I want to.

If I had a niche I'd probably say that I fit between beauty and lifestyle and although I like beauty it's not the only thing I love.  I love film, I love reading, I love travelling, I love art and I feel like these should take a bigger place on my blog than what they have.  I've got so many posts I want to publish but most of them never leave my drafts because they don't fit my current content and that's not something I want.

I'm going to be putting my blog on maintenance mode for a few days why I change things around and I'll be posting again either Thursday/Friday/Saturday when everything is how I want it and I've got new posts.

Here's to change, and hopefully better photography!


Saturday, February 04, 2017

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

Hey lovelies, recently I treated myself to the Zoeva Rose Golden palette, after hearing so many good things about the brand I just had to snap it up. The palette cost me £18 and I got free shipping with Beauty Bay - I ordered it Saturday night and it arrived first thing Monday morning talk about speedy shipping!