Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Unibox review

The Unibox is a monthly subscription aimed at students and full of goodies that students would love and use regularly. I recently found them on twitter and this is actually their first box too. 

Almost of the products in the box are full sized rather than sample size because this is a subscription box this really surprised me and I was so excited to try everything. The first thing in the box that I noticed was the Teapigs Popcorn tea, I am a massive fan of Teapigs and the variety of tea they sell. I’ve never tried the popcorn before but it tastes amazing. I took these to my personal studio space as I’m an art student and have been enjoying one everyday on my lunch break. They could also be great to help you through an essay or any deadlines.

The other drink item in the box was the Purition Protein Shakes. I’m not a massive fan of protein shakes but I did try the Macadamia and Vanilla in my morning shake and it taste really good! So I’ll be trying the Chocolate flavour soon. There was also a full sized bar of Nomnom Honeycomb Dark Chocolate which I enjoyed with my boyfriend, the chocolate was delicious but a little bit to sweet for me – my boyfriend loved it. There was also a pack of Apple Crisps by Spare fruits, this isn’t a brand I’ve come across before but I did really enjoy them. They were quite savoury but with a little bit of sweetness. I love that Unibox included a variety of healthy snacks because it isn’t always easy or affordable to eat really healthily.

The box also included a large room spray by BubbleOff in the scent Tonka Bean and Lime.  Having a pet and living in a house with flatmates this has come in so handy – I personally really enjoy spraying it around my room in the morning and it keeps it smelling fresh all of the day. As well as all the other snacks the box also includes the Voost Effervescent Tablets. These are great for if you’re starting to feel rundown or tired and I like they’re water-soluble because I really struggle to take tablets.

The box also comes with a small paper magazine with two recipes in it, both that are super easy and quick to make, perfect for the busy student.  As well as this there was also a Teech £20 voucher, unfortunately for me I can’t really use the voucher as the website is based more around academic course, as it aims to connect students and tutors. The voucher does get you a lot of call time as the average call costs 40p or the most basic monthly subscription is £9. I will be giving this voucher to my friend doing English as I think she might get a lot out of it.

I really loved the box and think I will keep my subscription for the next few months to see what Unibox comes up with. If you’re interested in finding out more or signing up and the website can be found here.  I’d love to know what you think about  the box and if you subscribe to it.

The lovely Daphnee from the unibox also gave me a discount code to share with you, use "UNIBOXKAY"for 15% off your first order or subscription!


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