Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Places I want to visit in 2017

Hey lovelies, so if you didn't see recently on my twitter I ran a poll because I'm getting some extra scholarship money and I wanted to go on holiday with it, my lovely followers ending up choosing Rome as my destination. I've booked tickets to go and I can't wait but in the mean time here are some other destinations I wang to visit.

Dubrovnik - Croatia

When I saw photos from Amy ( Salt and Chic) from when she visited Dubrovnik I instantly fell in love with the architecture, after doing some more of my own research it quickly began somewhere I've been dying to visit. Theres tons of water sports and museum tours and I love that kind of activities. Also parts of Game of Thrones and Star wars are filmed here which is amazing.

Paris - France

Now you might be reading this and thinking, why Paris? Paris is one of my favourite places in the world, I enjoy nothing more than drinking copious amounts of coffee, walking around enjoying small cafes, eating my body weight in macaroons and then going to visit all the art galleries I can find. For me thats an ideal holiday and I hope that I can spend some days there when I graduate.

Rome - Italy

The last time I visited Italy, I went to Venice and I really enjoyed the experience. Rome has been on my places to visit list ever since. I love Italian food so much, and there is just so much history around the towns. Not going to lie though ever since seeing the Lizzie McGuire as a child I've wanted to visit the Trevi Fountain. If you've never been to Italy I would recommend it because I have never tasted food so delicious!

London - UK

London is my favourite place in the UK to visit, I'm hoping to spend a few weekends there this year and go to some shows, or potentially some blogging events. I love going on walks around London, visiting galleries/museums and drinking all the coffee that I can find. Also London in the winter months is just beautiful, I'm hoping to visit Winter Wonderland again in December and maybe go to  Carnaby's Christmas celebration!

So here are the places I want to visit this coming year, there's not much on the list but this is because this are some expensive trips. I'd love to know the places you'd like to visit this year!


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