Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lush Haul 2017

Hey lovelies, so this is going to be a really big lush haul. I brought a ton of stuff in the lush Christmas sale, just after Christmas, the first week of January and then brought almost everything in the Valentine’s collection too.As a starting point I’m going to start with the bath bombs/bath bars and soap because I have a fair amount of them. I won’t be mentioning any Christmas bath bombs because I have the whole collection and you can’t buy them now till December so there’s no point really.

Lava Lamp £4.25 – Lava lamp is a bath bomb mixed with bath oil that creates the most gorgeous colour bath. I’m not a massive fan of this bath bomb because I don’t like bath oil but it is a nice little change to regular bath bombs.

Ladybird bath bar £3.95 – This makes the cutest pink bath with a ton of bubbles and its just really enjoyable. I personally prefer bath bombs to bars but I do love the scent of this.

Lover Lamp £4.25 – I was so happy to see this return this year, last year I tried one and it honestly was one of my favourite from the collection as it is just so cute and the pink hearts float around in the bath.

Cupid  £2.95 – When I saw this in store I had to pick one up as it just smells amazing and is such a deep pink. I haven’t had time to try this one out yet but I can’t wait to see what it looks like and how it comes out.

Lovestruck £4.25– Not going to lie when I saw this in the store I had a good laugh for a few minutes because its and emoji and I was just taken back for a minute. I haven’t tried this yet but I can’t wait to.

Over and over £4.25 – This may be my favourite from the valentines bath bombs its amazing and I love the lime scent and how buttery it feels on the skin. I’ll be going back to the store soon to stock up on these beauties.

Rose bombshell £4.25 - This smells exactly like a fresh bunch of roses and even has some cute rose petals inside it. The bath turns a lovely deep pink too.

Kiss me quick £2 – This is a really cool idea, its a small rectangle and you pull it apart to use as shower wash. It smells amazing and I love amazing it is.

Love you, love you lots £4.25 per kg – I brought this as a 

Avo Bath £3.50– This was a bath bomb that I received from the customer care team after having an issue; I personally love this bath bomb as its just so relaxing and simple and smells amazing.

Guardian of the Forest £4.25 – I’m not really a fan of woody scents but this smells gorgeous and the hints of lime are just great. Also it makes the bath the most beautiful green.

I didn’t pick up the Unicorn horns because I just didn’t love it last year, and I didn’t pick up two hearts beating as one either because I’m not a massive fan of bath oil.


The kiss lip scrub £5.95 – this is my favourite valentines product every year because it tastes amazing and works so well like all the lush lip scrub. It has such a sweet and bitter taste.  I picked up two so I have enough to last a little while.

Don’t look at me face mask £6.95 – This my personal favourite lush facemask, it just feels amazing on the skin and I actually have a post completely dedicated to it here.

Sleepy – Although this is a Christmas product I brought in the sale. I just needed to mention it because it works amazingly. It has the softness of Dream cream on the skin but smells like lavender. It works so well that I wish I picked up another, as it was a complete bargain at £4.

Ocean Salt Scrub £8.50  - There are only a handful of products that I haven’t used at lush and when I received some gift cards for Christmas I thought it would be a perfect excuse to give it a go. The scrub doesn’t feel particular rough on the skin but it left my skin feeling so exfoliated and just really great. I would recommend this, as it’s just amazing.

Shower gels

Snow Fairy – Not going to lie I was so happy when I managed to get on the lush website on Boxing Day – I was in the queue for around eight hours before I got on the website but it was so worth it. I picked up 1KG bottles of snow fairy and it is safe to say I am stocked up for the year now. Snow fairy is my second favourite shower gel scent. I did also manage to get some bottles in my local store when they got a small shipment after Christmas. I was chuffed to say the least.

Lord of Misrule – By the time I’d got onto the website on boxing day this had sold out which I was gutted about but I did manage to get two bottles for half price when I went into my local store just after Christmas and they had some left over.  This is my favourite scent for a shower gel and I can’t wait for it to available again this autumn.

I'd love to know if you've brought any bits from lush lately or if you've gotten any of the valentines collection.

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