Friday, January 27, 2017

Holiday Essential Wishlist*

Hey lovelies, I'm really loving wishlists lately so I thought I'd bring you my holiday essential wishlist! I'm travelling alot this year and I can't wait as I haven't done much travelling at all why at university but that will be changing when I graduate. Please note I haven't included money/passports/travel insurance etc because I think most people remember those bits haha.

Panasonic Travel Camera- This is such a gorgeous camera. It produces high resolutions photos and is the perfect size for travelling. The camera also has the most amazing 10x optical zoom  which is perfect for landscape photography why on holiday! It also has a 4k video recording capabilities making it ideal for anyone who wants to film or vlog their holiday.

Shell Passport Holder £12 - I personally have the worst track record when it comes to spilling liquid on my passport and ruining it. So next to my passport having a cover is so important for me, I can't be without one. Also I feel like the shells are a really cute touch and give all the mermaid vibes.

Queen B Washbag - I also love washbags when it comes to holidays so for me they are essential. It so much easier to have all your liquids in one place as well as your toothbrush/toothpaste etc! Skinnydip make the best washrags, I have the magnet one and its honestly amazing quality.

Layla Rose Gold Headphones £139

Headphones are a massive staple for me, I need to listen to music when I'm on a plane and at an airport it just keeps me so relaxed and in the zone. Its also really nice to be able to listen to music when you wake up in the morning.

Copper Marble Agenda Notebook £10

I love planning what I'm doing on my holiday so a notebook is essential. This agenda book is perfect for all your travel plans and I'm a sucker for anything copper coloured. It also matches the headphones a little.

Dr Marten 11" Leather Satchel £90

I actually already own this bag but I needed to include it because it's just the perfect size and it so secure. When I go on holiday I'm always very worried about my purse/bag getting stolen or losing it, so this bag just makes me feel much better and my belongings are secure inside.

Lush Dream Cream £6.50 - After sun cream this is so important for my holiday skin care. I find that the sun really makes my skin dry and the lush dream cream makes it so much more hydrated and works wonders for me!

Ray-Bans Original Wayfarer Sunglasses £125 - I'm a sucker for sunglasses that look identical to my actual glasses and these Ray-bans are my dream sunglasses.

Grey and rose gold Olivia Burton Watch £70 - When I'm on holiday I tend to cram a-lot into one day so I don't waste my time, so a watch is an essential for me. It also means I'm on time for my flights and transfers! I don't tend to wear watches any other time.

So these are my essentials! I'd love to know what your holiday staple items are and if you're going on holiday this year let me know where.


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