Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February Advertisers

Hey lovelies, so starting this month I've advertising on my blog. It's a new month and I've got some really awesome blogs to show you, be sure to check out their blogs and give them a follow!


Jemma's blog has a selection of beauty, lifestyle and creative posts, all of amazing quality. She also the creator of the girl gang! Also can we appreciate how amazing her photography is? 

Blog: Dorkface
Twitter: Dorkfaceblog
Instagram: Dorkfaceblog
Pinterest: Dorkfaceblog

Bookaholic Babe

Minnie's blog is a paradise of book reviews ranging between young adult, romance and paranormal books. Her reviews are amazing and so in-depth and she has even reviewed on my favourites books Wonder.

Blog: Bookaholicbabe
Goodreads: Bookaholicbabe
Google PlusBookaholicbabe
Twitter: Bookaholicbabe  
BlogLovin: Bookaholicbabe

Hello Lizzie Bee

Lizzie's blog is a mixture of lifestyle and beauty reviews, she also has a handful of harry potter based posts too. Her OOTDs and Japanese posts are absolutely fabulous and so cute. 

Blog: HelloLizzieBee
Twitter: HelloLizzieBee
Instagram: HelloLizziebee
Facebook: HelloLizzieBee
Bloglovin: HelloLizzieBee

Thank you to these lovely ladies for supporting my blog and please go have a read of their blogs! I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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