Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Web Design Tips For Start Ups

Hey lovelies, so today lets talk about web design, which for us bloggers and for online businesses is so important – we all want our websites to look amazing and have the best impact that they can. But this post is something that will be useful to everyone!

1) More is less

When looking for layouts for your website more is always less. The more you add to your design can take away from your content which is not something you want. Go for a design that suits you but also think about your readers! The same can be said about fonts – the simpler the better!

2) Whitespace 

Whitespace again is so important for how your content is viewed, too much on the page and no whitespace will make your page distracting. 

3) Imagery 

Let’s talk photography/pictures. Never have massive photos on your website unless the fit a purpose, the large file sizes will slow down how quickly your page is loaded and this can be have the opposite effect you want it to. Also make sure your images are relevant to your page – if your website is about food then maybe don’t have lots of pictures of shoes etc.

4) Fonts 

Simple fonts are always better; they make reading so much easier. Although fancier fonts might not be used by everyone and more unique they just don’t look as good on your website. 

5) Ads 

Now having adverts on your website is a personal choice. I personally don’t have on mine anymore but if you do decide to run ads don’t have loads of them. They’re a great source of income but too many of them can clog up your page and make it look so unprofessional and distracting. If your ads make people leave your page it’s doing the opposite of what you want!

So these are just a few tips but I hope they really help you as these have been really useful to me! If you have any confusion about web designing then there are a lot of companies who provide web design services such as Tekfirst in North Yorkshire offers amazing web designing services to its clients all over UK!

* This post is in collaboration with Tekfirst* and their Make things worth sharing campaign.

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