Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's my birthday

Hey lovelies, so if you haven't seen the balloons on twitter, it's my birthday and I'm 21 today! If you can't tell I'm so excited to finally be 21 being in my last year of university on an art course I'm by far the youngest in my year.

Today I'm spending the day at the Harry Potter Studio Tour with my boyfriend, auntie and nan which for me is so lovely because I rarely see my family on birthday being in my university town which is a long way from my home town. I also got a ton of cards from people when I visited home the week before last and it meant so much to me because I normally only get 4-5 cards from my immediate family but this year I got one from everyone. When we get back from the studio tour we are going to revolutions for cocktails ( espresso martini come at me). If you want to see a birthday haul of gifts and things I've brought from the tour let me know!

I love birthdays so much I've literally been counting down till today for the last three months, I'm honestly so happy to be 21 now. I can finally drink in America and go to the UK underground cinema club, who knew you'd have to be 21 to finally see a film slightly underground haha.. I'm also going to do some birthday shopping this week as I religiously buy myself a birthday gift every year, I'm thinking of buying some more vice lipsticks, a new coat and new watch.


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