Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Body Shop Christmas Haul

Hey lovelies, this boxing day I went a bit a crazy and brought a ton of new bits and bobs from many shops and Body Shop was one of the shops I had to visit! I brought a couple of bits and I'm really happy with them

Spiced Apple Shower Gel

The spiced apple scent is beautiful, it smells exactly like the costa hot apple drink and this really intrigued me as I'm not a massive fan of apple scents as normally they smell really cheap and nasty.  But this is gorgeous you can smell a little cinnamon in it. This also lathers the perfect amount. For £2.50 I would recommend this to everyone! It's perfect.

Spiced Apple Lip Balm

I don't really like lip balms in general I much prefer the lush lip scrubs because of the texture, but the scent is lovely and it tastes so good unlike most lip balms which taste like soap or vaseline haha. It has worked really well against my chapped lips which is a great perk too. I snapped this beauty up for £2 in the sale. Absolute bargain!

Vanilla Chai Shower Gel

If I'm honest this one was a little but of an impulse buy because I just really like the smell of everything chai. This isn't as nice as the spiced apple in my opinion but it does have a really soft buttery kinda smell, which is perfect if you are trying to have a relaxing shower. I wouldn't rush to get another but I do enjoy it.

So here is the few things that I brought on Boxing Day from Body Shop, I'd love to know if you brought anything and what your favourite bits are.


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