Saturday, December 17, 2016

Birthday Gifts + HP Studio Tour Haul

Hey lovelies, so it was recently my birthday and I'd thought I'd share the gifts that I got with you and the experience that I had with at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour! I turned 21 and I genuinely had the best day ever haha.

 I'll start with gifts, I'm personally someone that my family hate buying for because I'm so picky! This year their were a few things I wanted, a few months back I went shopping with my auntie to get a new pandora bracelet and some charms - my old bracelet had got too big from the weight of all the charms on it. I just picked out the plain bracelet and then my auntie got me the 21 charm and the kitten charm which is soo gorgeous! She also got me some bits from lush when we went to the oxford street store.

Now I'm not going to lie 60% of my gifts where from lush, I got two lush vouchers, a whole box full of Lush from my mum and even more lush gifts from friends haha! I definitely love lush, I got a 500ml bottle of Snow Fairy and Lord of Misrule and I'm looking forward to smelling like a goddess everyday.

My boyfriend got me the most beautiful planner and a light box since I've been after one forever and it's just so gorgeous - I don't have a photo of it because it took forever to just get the batteries in it haha.

Then at the Harry Potter Studio Tour I got some every flavoured jelly beans because they're so funny to give to other people and to try. Not going to lie honestly I thought I was going to be sick when I tried the soap flavoured jelly bean. I also got a Fantastic beasts and where to find them notebook! It's so beautiful and the paper inside is so gorgeous. We also brought Harry Potter Cluedo to play on Christmas day with the the family - I'm so excited to try it.

I also got a hand painted picture of my kitten oscar which is so beautiful! But here's what I got and I hope you like this post.


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