Thursday, December 01, 2016

8 Things I love about the festive season

Hey lovelies, so I thought this would be a cute little post to kick off December!

1) Christmas Coffees -  Whether it's Costa/ Starbucks/ Nero I love festive drinks. My current favourites are the Costa soya gingerbread latte and the Starbucks soya toffee nut latte, both with an extra shot of coffee just because.

2) Cold Weather - I much prefer winter to summer. I would much rather be cold and be able to warm up than to be sweating to death and struggling to cool down (unpopular opinion I know). I also love raining afternoons, wet leaves and snow.

3) Snow - I know it very rarely snows in December but I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas.

4) Family - I love seeing my family at Christmas time, it's so nice to go home and relax for a few days and see my grandparents. It's also one of the few times a year when I see all my family together.

5) Food - Although I'm a vegetarian I still love roasts and roast potatoes are my life. I also love christmas cake ( no raisins tho) and I literally drink my weight in spirits on christmas day! Plus is it even christmas day if don't eat your weight in ferreros?

6) It'll be Oscars first christmas - Even though he's a kitten, I've brought so many presents for him and lots of toys. I'm very excited and it's really special to me. I know this is very lame.

7) Scarves - I love feeling cosy and scarves are my all time favourite accessory. Is there anything better than an oversize coat, scarf and coffee in hand? I think not.

8) It's my birthday in December - As a child I was always someone who hated being born in December because every year I'd watch people forget my birthday or do joint gifts and basically treat it like it was part of Christmas. Now I really enjoy celebrating getting older!

Just a little post but I'd love to know what you love about the festive season to, let me know in the comments and happy first of December.


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