Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Summary #14 A-Z of me

Hey lovelies for this weeks post I'd thought I'd do this super cool tag because I know that many of you know very little about me. I totally stole this from Jessica from HeartshapedBones and Sarah from SeeTheStars. Happy Sunday and I hope you enjoy the post!

A - Art - I love art and everything about it and I always have, it's always been a comfort for when I've had mental health and I couldn't imagine doing any other type of non-creative job for the rest of my life.

B- Blogging - Blogging is something I originally started because it seemed fun and I had friends who blogged regularly, it was also a way for me to build experience for my dream job. I blog regularly now and it makes me so happy.

C - Cats - I'm a legit crazy cat lady, I adore cats I got my first kitten a few months ago and I'm constantly looking for new kittens for sale. I'm hoping to get a grey kitten when I move somewhere new next June/

D - Depression - I'm diagnosed with having depression and mental health is such a big part of my life, I've recently ( in the last year)  been able to control my depression better to a point it no longer controls my life. I still have bad days, but doesn't everyone?

E - Emotions - I'm a really confident person when it comes to talking etc but I am pretty much emotionally stupid - I'm awful with figuring out how other people feel.

F - Films - I love films and anything cinematic. I partially love rom-coms, horror and anything animated ( a weird mix I know)

G - Girls - I've always found it really hard to be friends with other women but since coming to university I've got so many better at it and you could say that I've found my girl gang (pun intended)

H - Horror - I love horror, especially films and halloween is my favourite time of year. Shout out to my favourite series American Horror Story and Scream

I -  Ink - I'm really dying to get some tattoos but I've found it really hard to get a tattoo artist who will touch me because of my blood condition - I can dream though.

J - Juice - I'm a massive fan of blended juices and smoothies. They're such a lovely little pick me up.

K - Kittens - I thought I'd mention cats twice because I really love cats so much.

L - Luxury - I'm a massive fan of anything luxurious, I love expensive bags and macaroons - basically every cliche to do with luxury haha.

M - Money - I love spending it, and I love shopping - enough said.

N - Notebooks - I'm so organised and I love a good notebook,

O -  Orange is the New Black - This has a special place in my heart because it's the first TV show that me and my boyfriend watched together.

P - Painting - Painting is my Fine Art speciality and I love it so much, it's my favourite thing. I'm thinking about writing a post about my degree - not sure if I will or won't yet.

Q - Quiet - Although I'm a confident person, I'm pretty quiet - I often sit in a room with all my friends and say nothing just because I enjoy taking things in - not to say I don't socialise I just am a little quiet.

R - Reading - I really enjoy reading from creature

S - Sea - In my home town I live by the sea and I love it, I find it so relaxing and so beautiful. Also who doesn't love a seaside donut and a cup of coffee/tea.

T - Takeaway - Let's talk pizza. I love a good pizza, it really is my favourite food of all time

U - University - I love University it is one of the best decisions that I have made and I love living away from my family. Northampton really was the best choice for me.

V - Velvet - This is a trend I'm absolutely loving, I personally love velvet midi dress they look so vampy and so cute. I prefer velvet in black but I think it looks awesome coloured too.

W - Wagamamas - I adore the food here and I wish there was one in Northampton but lucky enough there is one in Milton Keynes just down the road.

X - XoXo Gossip Girl - One of my favourite TV shows when I was a teenager and even now, I adore it and I love blair, her style is iconic and that sass.

Y -  Yo Sushi - I also love sushi again there isn't one in Northampton but there is one in Milton Keynes which isn't too far away.

Z - Zombies - I'm a massive walking dead fan, and I love everything Zombie related.


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