Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Summary #13 Numbers

Hey lovelies, I feel like the weeks lately have been going so quickly and are flying by. I feel like this whole year has gone by so fast. This week I literally got ripped to shreds in a presentation at uni, to the point I almost thought of dropping out - I'm someone who can take criticism well but I really struggled with how I was picked apart. If any of you take a Fine Art/Art's degree you'll understand what I mean it's very different when someone picks apart your work to your writing, it feels very personal and a little heart breaking.

I'm honestly aware that I work alot why at uni but I don't really have a choice I don't particularly live a lavish lifestyle, but I do like to enjoy myself and have money. I need to work as much as I do to be able to afford taking an art degree. Lots of my tutors have a massive issue with me having a job and me not giving every second of my life to my degree ( I'm not exaggerating). I knew my presentation was going to picked apart the minute I stepped in the room because the tutor I was talking was one of those who takes the anti-job view point. It genuinely made me so upset because I work so hard juggling my job/uni and blogging and I feel that sometimes no one actually recognises how hard it is and that I pretty much don't have a life. On the positive side, I find negative emotions to drive me way more than positive ones so I managed to get a lot of uni work done on Thursday and Friday purely from anger haha.

I've spent alot of time scheduling my blog posts this week and tweets because from now to December I really need to focus on my dissertation, I'm also going home for a week so I won't be able to blog at all then and then I'll be doing Blogmas. I haven't decided whether I'm going to do it for 24 days or the whole month, because even if I blog 24 days between then and January 1st I still have 4 blogging days so I might as well do the extra three and just do the whole month!? I've also done alot of prep for Blogmas and there's going to be a ton of really exciting brands and a little christmas competition.

Also for those who don't follow me on twitter, I hit 4,000 followers which was crazy. I ordered pizza afterwards I was so happy, it's the most amazing feeling know that many people follow and it's amazing seeing more and more people read my little blog everyday. It makes me so happy that people follow me and enjoy my blog and I couldn't be happier, so my aim now is to try and hit 5,000 before the New Year ( which I probably won't reach but a girl can dream).

So yeah that's been my week. Next weeks post is going to be a room tour and some photos of my art studio, I'm also going to three blogging events next week, two are on the same night so their will be some more event posts on my blog soon too! I'd love to know how you week was and if you hit any of your goals!


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