Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sunday Summary #12 Family and Fireworks

Hey lovelies, it's Sunday again, which means it's time for my weekly summary. This week I dyed my hair and I saw my family for the first time since September which was really nice and I was so happy, I made a ton of work at uni and I went to a firework display this weekend too.
This week has been so amazing for me both for my blog and my life in general. For my blog, I finally posted my collaborative post with Debenhams, which was amazing because even now I feel so blessed/lucky that a brand that big would want to work with me! I don't have the biggest follower count so I'm so happy they picked me and it allowed me to spoil one of my favourite blogger friends to. They also sent me the nicest feedback which was so lovely and have told me they'd be more than happy to work with me when any opportunities come up. I've also received a few bits of blogger mail this week! Seventeen sent me some lovely new bits to try out which will be in a post next week, I also received a massive box full of makeup accessories, the box is genuinely bigger than my torso haha. I also got some mail from various brand which is going towards a blooms giveaway too. Tuesday also so the highest blog views I've had all year via google analytics which was 1,080.

In the real world, I had a really good work schedule at my job and I had the weekend booked off for seeing my family. They spoilt me and my kitten and it was so lovely to see them, I'm also lucky enough to be going home at the end of the month for six days too! Seeing my family is one of the very few things I look forward to when I'm at uni because it's such a lovely break and we always go for the best food. They also are more excited to see my kitten them, and I'm not kidding either, my family love Oscar and having cuddles they're so excited he's coming home with me for Christmas.

I also went to a bonfire/fireworks night on Saturday with one of my best friends, it wad a lovely night and I don't think I've seen fireworks in years, well since before I came to uni anyway.

University has been going pretty steady, I've made lots of work in my studio, which if anyone wants to see I'll try add some photos of my studio/paintings/etchings in my next weekly post. I had really good feedback in my weekly tutorials and I've spent so much money on expanding foam/paraffin wax, MDF, paint and other arty supplies. I've got a lot more stuff left to make so we'll see how it goes.

I'd love to know about your week any what you've been up to! 


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