Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Seventeen All Out Pout*

Hey lovelies, so today is a little beauty post! I feel like I don't blog about beauty very much now days but I do want to change that in the new year. I got an email from Seventeen a few weeks back asking I wanted to try some more of their products, so of-course I said yes and they sent me these two really great pieces.

So I love that the All Out Pout* comes in a little palette, the packaging is so gorgeous and sleek. I love the simple black black packaging and it has a mirror inside which is so handy. I was very surprised when I opened it and most of the shades were very glossy.

The steps for use are:

1) For best results apply using the handy lip brush inside - perfectly sized for precise lip application
2) For longer lasting colour, blot your lips after application and then a play a second layer of lipstick - this gives the colour more staying power
3) To make lips appear fuller, dab your fave clear gloss in the centre of your top and bottom lips - Seventeen Lip Lustre in Polished is perfect for this!
4) Apply a second contrasting colour on top of your lipstick from the centre outwards for an ombre effect lip look!

I found this product so easy to use and I really loved using it! It's such a great idea and its perfect to wear on-top of another lipstick, by itself it's okay but it just doesn't last very well. Personally my favourite shades are the two in the middle, they're the two that I'll wear the most because they're so red and beautiful.

I also got sent the contour palette which I haven't had a chance to try yet, but I'll leave a photo of it hear and I'll hopefully get to review it some point in the next month.

I'd love to know what products you're loving from Seventeen and if you've tried their products before! I really recommend them and they're of such good quality. Thanks for reading!


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