Tuesday, November 01, 2016

November Plans and Ideas

Hey lovelies, I honestly can't believe that it is already November!? I feel like I wrote my post for may two minutes ago. I am so happy with the progress that I made at uni and with my blog in October and I couldn't be looking forward to November more.
October was an amazing month for my blog, I reached 500 Bloglovin Followers and 3,500 Twitter followers which for me are massive milestone and I'm so happy I achieved them.

Blog goals:

  • Continue to improve my photography - If you didn't notice last month I spent a lot of time working on my photos and photo editing, I'm really happy with my improvement but I've got a long way to go! I brought some more props and backgrounds and I really can't wait to try them out.
  • Use Bloglovin more - I've been using Bloglovin more and I've noticed how handy it is as an app. I love the views part and I find it really good to read other blogs too. 
  • Work on Blogmas posts - I plan to be taking part in Blogmas so I hope to get my ideas ready and items/props I might need. I plan to do some baking posts so I'll be needing to get some ingredients for that. 
  • Continue to work on new content - This is a given but I'm really enjoying some of the different types of content I've been posting and I can't wait to post some food/travel posts this month.

Uni goals:

  • Continue to work on my dissertation - In October I managed just under 3,000 words of my draft copy of dissertation which I was over the moon with! This month I'm hoping to do around the same amount if not a little bit more, so that my full draft will be finished by Christmas.
  • Work on my studio practice - This is one thing I didn't do so much of in October, it takes time to make art, and when you're not inspired you shouldn't force it. I'm hoping to get some bits made this month
  • Try to spend less money at the cafe at uni - if anyone goes to uni, you'll know my pain. Especially because they sell the best coffee ever.

Life Goals:

  • Save Money - November and December are going to be super expensive months for me, mainly with travel costs between here and my home town ( it's over £100 each time I go home lol) and saving for things I need to buy in the new year. Here's to having a spending ban again.
  • Eat Healthier - I said last month that this was a goal because it helped my mental health! I want to continue doing this because it's been so good for me.
  • Get my christmas presents sorted and wrapped - As I write this I've already got a lot of my presents brought and I just need to wrap them! I personally can't be a last minute person when it comes to Christmas haha I'm one of those people.
So these are my goals this month, I hope to achieve all these things and I'd love to know what your goals are and if you achieved your goals in October! 


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