Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Look Primer

Hey lovelies, so a last week I was on a little payday trip in town when I went into New Look and decided to treat myself to some bits. I have only ever brought a handful of New Look's lipsticks before and I've never really ventured into any of their other makeup.

When I saw they had some of the primers on sale, I thought why not!? I have only tried two other primers, one being from Urban Decay and the other a recent purchase from NYX. I was super excited because the packaging is so beautiful, I really love the simple black and dark grey design on the box. The bottle is just a plain little pump bottle and it such a good size!

I found that three pumps worth is enough to do my whole face, I've found with this product that a little really does a lot. I have very normal skin, and this applies like a gem - it does have a slightly off smell though I can't put my finger on it but when I applied it to my skin it smelt slightly chemically but not massively.

When I applied foundation I found that it sat really well, it didn't make my face feel heavy at all which is always good. I found that my makeup did last longer than what it normally does - I also made sure not to wear a setting spray and it lasted an extra 3-5 hours. I also found that it did make my pores less visible too.

One thing I'm not so sure about is that it is mean to be a mattifying primer, I didn't find that it did this. As a primer it worked great but did it matte, I really don't think it did. For me this isn't an issue but I'm not sure that this would be good for anyone with oily or combination skin or really how well it would apply. After checking the website and reading some reviews I've found that the product is being re-packaged and the mixture has changed a little bit so maybe this is why!

So if you have normal skin and you're looking for a primer that does the job then I would totally recommend this for you! Otherwise I would suggest the NYX primer as I know this works really well for so many different skin types. I'd love to know if you've used this product and what you think about it.


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