Thursday, November 24, 2016

Meet Oscar; 6 months update

Hey lovelies, so I thought it was time to write another post about my little guy because he's six months now and he's grown so much and I've learnt so much more about him and his personality. Plus he's such a cute kitten! Also national black cat day was last month so why not share some black cat love even if it is late.

1) He's massive for a kitten

My little Oscar eats the same amount as a full size cat, he's almost fully grown except the fact he's a little stumpy still. He doesn't fit inside his kitten play toys anymore and he can now get onto every surface in the house. When I first got him he was so tiny he couldn't even get onto my desk.

2) He eats everything 

He's a food thief, he's almost as bad as a dog. When we get pizza or takeout he will literally climb onto my lap, push my hand/ fork out of the way and attempt to steal the food. If you cook dinner he sits ontop of the microwave and watches you the whole time in the hope that you'll give him some, and who it's time for his meals he goes absolutely crazy - like climbing up doors and chasing you around the house till you feed him crazy.

3) He's so curious

He loves to explore new places, whenever he goes to a new house he doesn't get scared or anything he just gets straight into finding the best places to hide and pouncing on everything. He also really loves spaces that are so much smaller than he is  - he once pulled off the side of the bath and crawled into were all the pipes are and we had to save him.

4)  He has a really lazy eye

I've always been convinced that he's blind in one eye - vets have agreed theres a possibility because he has one sort of cloudy eye but he was slightly too aggressive towards the vet for them to take a real look ( he's going for a proper examination soon). The eye is really lazy as well and sometimes he blinks out of tune with the other eye with it.

5)  He prefers objects to toys

He has a ton of toys ( he is one very spoilt cat) but doesn't really touch them at all, he loves to play with notebooks, pens, the drying rack and pans. He will play with absolutely anything and when he was a kitten he used to pull on my hair and jump on my head thinking my hair was a toy.

He's such a cutie so I thought I'd share this little post with you because who doesn't love a little kitten post!


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