Thursday, November 10, 2016

How to improve your twitter interaction

Hey lovelies, so this has been a post quite a few people have asked me for and the only reason I haven't made one before now is because I'm pretty sure that many of you might be disappointed with my points. Growing a following isn't easy and isn't something that's going to happen over night, and I just hope that no one gets disheartened if they try these and don't see an improvement straight away. But anyway here are some tips!

1) Join Twitter chats

Chats are such a great way to talk to other bloggers, find new people to follow and just have a great hour. I find that with every chat I see higher engagement with tweets and often gain new followers. My personal favourite chats are #beechat (@cbeechat), #teacupclub (@teacupclub), #Moonchat      (@grabyourcam) and #thegirlgang (@thegirlgangHQ). I always love the questions and the hosts of these chats and I definitely recommend joining them all! Also if you're not a member of the girl gang community then you should join!

2) Use hashtags

Now you might be reading this and thinking omg Kayleigh well this is so obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many good blogger hashtags there are out there! There are so many and some get way more engagement than others, there are so many to use for sharing your posts etc but also check the 20 trending hashtags. I've always seen a gain of interaction when tweeting in one of the 20 hashtags - there are often some fun ones - like rename a film/song etc! Some of my favourite hashtags for posts are #thegirlgang, #blogginggals and #bbloggers.

3) Follow other people and interact with them

Following others is such a great way to extend your interaction, not only will you be taking to other people/another person but this will be visible to other people so your engagement will raise. It is also really good to make friends and also find other people to follow etc!

4) Run a twitter competition

Don't run a giveaway just to gain followers, so many people do it and thats fine but it's not worth it. If you've run a giveaway then you'll know that in the days after the giveaway many of the entrants unfollow you ( many do just follow for the giveaway) so it's not a sustainable way of gaining followers if thats what you are looking for. But it does improve my tweet engagement when I have a competition running, I do find that some people do like more of my tweets and keep an eye on my profile etc.

5) Post frequently/ Schedule you tweets

Again pretty basic but your interaction is going to be higher the more you tweet and if you can't always be around to tweet then schedule your tweets! Not only does it improve your blog views ( if you're advertising blog posts) but it also keeps your twitter active.

So these are just a handful of tips but I hope you enjoy them and these have always worked for me! If you have any tips then leave them as a comment it would be nice to know!


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