Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Christmas with Debenhams*

Hey lovelies, so it's November and that means that next month it is Christmas (and also my birthday). It's always a hard job buying gifts for everyone and I always look for shops that have a large variety of things on sale, to try and make my shopping a little easier and for me Debenhams is always one of the shops I turn too for Christmas gifts. Debenhams have such a wide variety of gifts including beauty, fragrance, confectionary, alcohol, stocking fillers and much more which can be found *here! I personally love buying there at christmas time because of this because my family are some very fussy awkward people.

Ted Baker Women's Stocking Filler £6* - Debenhams have such a wide variety of stocking filler gifts but I thought this was so cute because not only does it have one for women but it also has one for men! It's the perfect small gift to go alongside a voucher or in a stocking, and very inexpensive for Ted Baker products.

Ted Baker Men's Stocking Filler £6* - I love that this is such an inexpensive gift and I love that they stock so many different things for men as I find male gifts SO much harder to buy. It also allows me to mix up my yearly gift giving rather than just buying alcohol/socks for the men in my life.

Benefit The Professional Pores Away Gift Set £11.50* - I am a massive fan of Benefit having used there products and gone to their events so when I saw this set on sale I had to have it. I think it's a perfect gift, it has a range of facial skincare and all the products are miniatures meaning if someone doesn't like it they don't have to feel obliged to use/waste it! I also think the packaging for this set is so beautiful.

Kat Von D London Calling Makeup set £19.50* - If you live in the UK like myself then you'll know that Kat Von D has just been released in the UK so no more expensive shipping costs and then only place you can get this is Debenhams! I love the Kat Von D products because their quality is second to none and if you're looking for a gift to get your sister/partner/or just even treating yourself I couldn't recommend this more, or anything else in the range.

Lindt Advent Calendar Milk 160g £6* - For me Christmas isn't Christmas without an abundance of food and everything delicious. I love advent calendars and this Lindt one caught my eye because it has a chocolate reindeer in it. There are many others in the range too.

Debenhams Gingerbread Cookie Scented Candle £12* - Again Christmas is not Christmas for me if my house doesn't smell like gingerbread and every room has a candle. I love the colder nights and there is nothing like the beautiful glow of a candle to warm a room. This smells absolutely gorgeous and the packaging is so luxurious and I literally love every part of it.

So if you're looking for gifts this Christmas then get into Debenhams you will not be disappointed! I loved everything I picked out and wasn't disappointed with any of the products whatsoever. Their Christmas section can be found *here.The lovely PR Team also allowed me to give a voucher to a blogger friend to spend, and I gifted mine to Jemma, if you're interested in seeing what she brought her post can be found on her blog *here*

*All items were given to me but all opinions are my own.

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