Saturday, November 05, 2016

10 Blogs I'm Loving

Hey lovelies, it's been a while since I've shared some of my favourite blogs so I thought I'd share some that weren't included in my other post! Please check all of them out they are amazing and I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do.

See The Stars - I love Lauren's blog. Not only does she have amazing content thats a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I am to one day have photography as beautiful as hers. I love the structure of her posts, and everything is of such a high quality. I really recommend her blog because it is just amazing and one of my favourites.

Scarlet State - Sarah's blog is one I've known of for a long time but have only recently got into. I love her personality and her style, she has the most awesome fashion sense and I really enjoy her lifestyle posts ( such as her room tour). I love that she talks about issues such as self confidence, happiness and taboos such as nudity and cat calling.

Miel and Mint - Nadia's blog is so beautiful and has come so far in just one year, her blog looks like it's years old it's so professional and of such high quality. Her travel posts are great and I love her travel photography. She also has many helpful posts about blogging and tips for blogging and I really live her beauty posts.

DorkFace - Jemma is such an amazing person and this is part of the reason I love her blog, she's so hardworking and gives everything 110%. She also makes the most beautiful art. I find her lifestyle posts and chatty posts to be my favourite, there's an honesty with everything she posts and I love that even with such a large following base she still takes time to talk to everyone!

Food and Baker - Jessica and James are such a great duo. I'm a massive fan of their vlogs and there blog, they posts so frequently! All of their posts make me so hungry as they are mainly food related and of such great quality. I love how fun and friendly their vlogs are too their youtube channel is such an easy watch.

Abbey Louisa Rose - Although a new blog, Abbey's blog is bursting with personality and really original. Her posts are a reflection of her interests, she has a massive picture of content including baking, stationery, beauty, education and blogging tip posts. She's come really far in just a few months and I really look forward to her posts.

As You Wish UK - Georgie's blog is just amazing, her beauty posts are some of my favourites. Her photos amaze me, her content is always brilliant and she puts so much hard work into everything she does. She is so under-rated and I think on day she'll be a famous blogger because her blog is just out of this world!

Vee O Sullivan - Vee's blog is another blog that I really love. Although I'm not a massive reader, I love everything that she writes about books and her book reviews are great. I also really enjoy Vee's film posts and lifestyle posts. Her suicide squad post has to be in my all time favourite posts as I felt it on an emotional level.

Vix Meldrew - Vix writes the best dating posts I have ever seen. Before I came across her blog I didn't even know this was a genre in blogging. I absolutely love everything she writes it's the perfect mix between factual and comedic and her sex posts made me laugh more than anything I've read in a while (in a good way). She recently won and award too - congratulations because you really deserved it!

Dungarees and Donuts - Olivia's blog is one of the first blogs I ever read, and I've been following her for an awful long time. I really enjoy her chatty style posts, she wrote a post about the struggles of bigger boobs which I loved and felt on an emotional level. Also if you haven't seen she's got the best posts about halloween baking, which are so fun and easy to make I would recommend it!

So these are just a handful of my favourites! I'd love to know your favourite blogs and please do check all of these out.
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