Sunday, October 02, 2016

Weekly Summary #7 Lush, London and Life

Hey lovelies, so if you read my last weeks update then you'd know that this week was my super busy week. I've been to two events this week, one was the Milton Keynes Lush event which was brilliant. I also went to London for a day of Hospital tests and then some shopping down Oxford Street and it was brilliant.

Monday was the my last shift in my six day week at work, and I've never been happier to finish work, I worked late last Sunday Night and then went to work at 8am Monday morning so when I finished early afternoon I was so chuffed to come home and catch up on some sleep. The boyfriend also treated me to some Chinese that night so double win.

I also went to the Milton Keynes Lush Blogger Event on Tuesday and I absolutely loved it. I have the worst anxiety when it comes to meeting other bloggers, I had a massive meltdown minutes before the event and if it wasn't for the lovely Jess from Heart Shaped Bones ( one of my blogging best-friend from the other side of England) I wouldn't have gone.  But once that was out of the way I had such a great night and got to talk to so many bloggers I've not met before. I also got to see all the new products demonstrated which was amazing. I didn't buy very much because I knew that I would be going to Oxford Street the next morning and I was getting paid the same day I would be in London.

After my hospital appointment at the Royal Hospital in Whitechapel I had some blood tests which went really badly the woman literally managed to miss my vein and the needle touched my bone. We then went to the Oxford Street Bella Italia for some food and then did some shopping. I made my first ever purchase from an Urban Outfitters store, I've only ever brought online because I don't live near one of there stores! I've only normally ever brought stuff online. We also picked up some of my birthday presents for my  21st in London which was cool. I managed to spend over £100 at Lush Oxford Street and I have a pretty big Lush Post coming up in October so if you're a lush fan look out for it.

I went to uni Friday to move into my new studio space. Everyone moves in on Monday but I wanted to get into my space, start painting the walls and getting equipment ready early so I can start getting work done on Monday. It was really good, I have a really massive space an my tutors really listened to what sort of space I wanted, I couldn't be happier.

The end of the week was really negative, I got a call really early Friday morning from a staff member at uni, who had opened her desk and found an old bank card of mine in her draw. In my first year of university I lost 3 bank cards - I'm that person. She'd called the bank and then called me to let me know she'd found it and destroyed it because the bank had let her know it wasn't my most recent card. I then went to Primark to buy some new work jeans and my card was declined. The day after payday that was super odd to me, I knew instantly what had happened. I called the bank for them to remove the restriction for my card, and instead they'd issued me a new card to my home address. Which would have been okay but my family left for a three week holiday the same day, so I now have no card for the next few weeks. Safe to say I was really annoyed.

I'd love to know what you've done this week and for me the next week is going to be pretty busy with uni starting up again! Can't believe I'm going into my third year on Monday! Feels like I started university just yesterday it's gone so quickly!


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