Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Summary #10

Hey lovelies, I hope you've all had an amazing week! My week has been amazing and apart from some patches of bad mental health. I've got lots of really cool things to share with you.

I really want to start by thanking those who follow me, because this week I reached 3,500 followers on twitter which is CRAZY. I remember when my little blog was read my three people myself, boyfriend and flat mate and now I have a larger following it's just crazy thinking how many readers and followers have accumulated. I also reached 500 followers on Bloglovin which was a massive surprise since I only started using it again recently! I really love that Bloglovin tells you how many people have read your blog - it makes tracking where your readers come from so much easier and I love the save feature.

I also got my first 'big' blogger mail, not going to lie I thought it was fake at first! The brand that got in touch is one that's on the high-street and they were so lovely and it really meant the world to me that they thought of me. Unfortunately until the post goes up I'm allowed to say very little about it, which sucks because I literally called my boyfriend and flat mate and literally screamed down the phone when I told them! But moving on, I also got quite a bit of blogger mail through the door this week, I got some more lovely bits from Seventeen, some really cool halloween accessories and some new lipsticks. I've been thinking I might do a monthly/bi-weekly whats in my mail type haul? Where I share both blogger mail and bits I've brought for blogging? I'm not sure but I think I might.

With uni, I've not done very much I've had two days off because of having to hide my cat from our property company but I've been keeping steady with dissertation writing and research and I've almost planned ahead blog posts till the end of November! Which I guess is a perk. From now till the halloween I'm working a ton and I've got a lot of meetings at uni so blogging has to take a back seat till after that.

I'd love to know what you week has been like and whats happened to you! I'm also super excited for halloween so next weeks weekly summary will be halloween themed.


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