Tuesday, October 04, 2016

My October Goals and Plans

Hey lovelies, so the last month has flown by and I can't believe it is October now I started back at uni yesterday so I know things are going to change rapidly in my life. I'll have less time for blogging and I'll be doing a lot more dissertation research than I have been doing over the summer and I'll be back in my studio space.

My personal goals:

  • Eat better - Since my flatmates have moved back in I probably haven't eaten as well as I should have and I personally find that my mental health is worse when I don't eat as well, so this is something I need to change
  • Keep up the hard work at uni - Going to be working my arse off to get that first class honour. I can't wait to spend more time in my studio space and just get on with it.
  • Focus on my mental health - My mental health has gotten really bad in the last month and I just want back to a place where I feel like myself everyday.
  • Get my bedroom finished - I moved into my new house in June, it's October and I haven't finished unpacking. Me and my boyfriend have a bedroom each at our new house so we spend a lot of time in his room rather than mine, but I'd still like to finish unpacking and get my new homeware bits up and on display.

Blog goals:
  • Blog photography backgrounds - I have recently brought a few new backdrops to make my photos more versatile, and I can't wait to use them! Yes, I did get a marble one too.
  • Give my blog a clean up - Throughout October I'm going to be tidying up my blog, mainly my home page because I want it to look different and I want it to cleaner and have more social media links. In short I want everything to look more professional and cleaner.
  • Keep up a schedule - I've been working really hard on getting content sorted during September so that everything is ready to go in October! Here's to hoping.
  • Blogging events - Between now and Christmas I have a ton of events to go to and I'm hoping to be sociable at them! I am that person that gets stuck in with my camera and getting notes that I feel I lose a bit of the experience haha.

I was pretty awful with my goals last month, so here's hoping to a better month! I'm also trying to be more positive when things upset me and I want to see if it helps me. Let me know what your goals are I'd love to hear.


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