Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Summary #6 Work, Work, Work

Hey lovelies, so this week has flown by for me! I've been working a six day week, I did have Wednesday off which was nice. Some people left work without doing a notice period so I've taken on a lot of shifts, I am really tired today and I'm working tonight and tomorrow but I can't wait for next week.

I've spent a lot of time at work this week reflecting and just thinking about the changes I want to make to my blog and life. I really want my blog to me more lifestyle based as much as I enjoy talking about beauty/makeup, I feel like I have more experience with lifestyle and those are the type of posts I like to write the most. I also want to write posts on blog help/travel ( I have some exciting travels soonish - including Manhattan and Amsterdam) and about mental health and things that are important to me! I also want my blog to look a little bit more professional which I will be working on next weekend.

I've also managed to plan my posts till the last week of October, I feel like I've not really posted as much as I'd have liked to this month so from now on everything is back to being scheduled and in advance. This is probably another reason I haven't really done anything this in-between writing a ton of content and scheduling tweets and instagram posts I haven't had any me time.

I have also done a little bit of internet shopping, I treated myself to some beautiful boots from ASOS and some halloween bits ready for working. I don't necessarily have an outfit idea yet but myself and a guy from work are thinking about dressing up as the twins from the Shining. I think thats an awesome idea but we'll see. I'll definitely have some halloween outfit ideas up next month.

Apart from that I've not really done anything. I have received some really amazing blogger mail, which I can't wait to show you all. Including packages from two high street makeup brands. I felt like a child at christmas. I promise next weeks post will be longer because I'm going to a Lush event Tuesday, I'm in London all day Wednesday for tests and I'll be exploring and shopping with my family, and I have another blogger event Saturday too! I also have the long weekend off work too. Plus it's payday week, so I intend to go mad at the Oxford Street Lush and at Carnaby!

I'd love to know what your week has been like and if anything has happened! Hope you all had a great week.


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