Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Summary #5 Flatmates, PSL's and American Horror Story

 Hey lovelies, I can't believe another week has flown by! Only four weeks till I'm back at uni full time, and it's totally crazy to think my five month summer is almost over. So many great things have happened to me this week, so this will be more of a chatty post than last weeks summary.

Last Saturday and Sunday my flat mates moved in, and I was over the moon to finally not be living alone. We've spent a lot of time hanging out this week, shopping, coffee dates and what not. It's been really great. I also ended my spending ban because over the summer I've lost some weight and none of my clothes fitted me at all, so I needed to get some new clothes and ones that fitted my figure better. I'm really glad I got some stuff that was super out of my comfort zone, I also got one of those dresses that has a lace up at the front because why not? It's khaki green and actually really suits me.

Also I'm pretty ashamed to say it but I've been to at least one coffee shop everyday and I've had a ton of pumpkin spice lattes this week. I also managed to trip on the stairs in Starbucks and spill my coffee all over the stairs and the chap sitting next to the stairs. I felt awful for him but he laughed at me for a solid ten minutes, so I guess we were good. The lovely team working did replace the coffee for free to which I thought was really lovely.

Apart from that I've done an awful lot of hours at work, I've been covering shifts for friends and I could use the hours because I'm saving and I would really like to get some amazing gifts for my love ones this year at christmas. By the time I've done a 8-10 hour shift at work I've been completely wiped out and little drained mentally. I've struggled for inspiration this week but today I'm feeling so much better. I've done a little bit of retail therapy and managed to get a ton of blog photography done.

I spent a lot of time today taking some photos in some really cool shops for a upcoming blog post and I really enjoyed it. This isn't for a collaborative or a paid thing, just a cool idea I had half way through town this morning haha!

I did see Suicide Squad last Sunday night and I fell in love with it. I thought that I potentially wouldn't like it because of the Joker, but I adored this Joker. I think Jared Leto did an amazing job and I prefer the romanticised relationship between Harley and the Joker because I feel like having there abusive relationship would have taken away from the film. I also really loved DeadShot and Enchantress. I feel the cast worked so well together, there could have been more to the storyline but what they did have was sufficient for the film. I hope they make another and films for all the characters, because I really did enjoy it! I'm considering writing a film review on it in the upcoming weeks when it has left the cinema. Let me know if you think that's a good idea!

I am also so happy with the newest season of American Horror Story, My Roanoke Nightmare aired on Wednesday at 10pm american time ( 3am for those of us in the UK) I stayed up to watch the episode and have since watched it two times! It's so scary and I love that, I love the witchy vibe it has similar to Coven ( season three). I feel it could be the best season yet. I am very excited to see Lady Gaga's appearance and I can't wait to see what 'side' she'll be on as I feel that she might be in partnership with Kathy Bate's character. I'd love to hear if you have an opinion on the episode too!

Thanks for reading and I hope you've all had a lovely week.


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