Thursday, September 01, 2016

My September plan & ideas

Hey lovelies, so my pal Jess from Heart Shaped Bones wrote a sort of monthly plan/idea post and I love the idea of this for a monthly post. That way I can be chatty and let you know what's going on in my life that month, what I am aiming for and anything I achieve!? September is going to be my month, there's a lot I want to do.Autumn is always my busiest blog/store time, it's my favourite time of year and it is also the time I go back to uni.

Over the summer blogging has taken such a big role in my life and when uni comes back around I will have less time to blog. I'm totally gutted about it but I will drop one post a week and hopefully post 2-3 times a week.

  • Write more personal posts - I am so worried about posting about mental health/ self confidence and things that are personal to me, I write the post up but don't publish it? I've decided that from September I will start to publish posts I want because ultimately it's my blog.
  • Up my photography game - I've been using the same photography for so long and I"m finally ready to mix it up and get better! I've also got editing programs so I'm going to edit my photos for once too.
  • Keep up my schedule - Uni physically and mentally drains me because I am that person who can study 22 hours in a row and forget to eat/live/sleep haha. But seriously, I want blogging to still be an important part of my life! Also keeping up with scheduling tweets is gonna be so hard when I'll have no time at all.
  • Try to keep my blog growth at the same rate - When I'm at uni I don't tweet and blog as much so my growth tends to be a lot less, and I would like to see it grow at the same rate it is now. I know blogging isn't all about the numbers but I do enjoy seeing my blog blossom! 

My print store goals next!
  • Notebooks and T-shirts - These have been ordered and should be delivered within the first few days of September. I've not been using my store/ advertising it as much but I really hope that the sales are good and I regain my love for it.
  • Draw more - I plan on doing draw-loween but in september ( basically one halloween themed drawing everyday for the month) I feel like this might get me back in the swing of drawing daily! 
  • Get my prints in more stores - my work is stocked in four shops currently but I would like to do some designs for more shops and get my work more out there.
Then the life and uni goals, I'm totally dreading going back to uni because it drains the life from me
  • Start my dissertation - Its just got to happen! The quicker I start writing it the quicker it's over. I love writing but I art theory just really isn't that interesting haha.
  • Look for a new job - I don't hate my job, but I need something with better hours ( preferably day hours) and more money. More money to spend on the blog. Plus working nights really does take a toll on your sleeping pattern and I don't need that in my final year of uni. This is not a definite but I'm thinking about it.

I'd love to know what you're going to get up to in September and any plans that you have! With uni and a visit to London I'm going to be very busy.


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