Friday, September 30, 2016

A Very Lush Christmas - The Milton Keynes Lush Blogger Event

Hey lovelies, so I was lucky enough to be invited to the Milton Keynes Lush Halloween and Christmas Event on Tuesday. It was such a lovely event, I met so many new bloggers from Milton Keynes and some from Northampton and I had a great time. The lush staff spent the whole evening explaining the products to us from shower jellies, to face masks, bath bombs and soaps and I learnt so much about the collection which I'll be sharing with you in this post. So if you haven't already grab a cup of tea of coffee because this is going to be along post. 

The night started out great, we were welcomed into the shop where there was an array of vegan snacks and drinks. I normally dread eating and drinking at events because I'm a vegetarian and I'm allergic to dairy. When I was told everything was vegan I was over the moon because I could eat the beautiful salted caramel halloween theme cupcakes they had. After grabbing a drink and putting our coats down we played a game of "Catch The Snowman" where we each introduced ourself, our blogs and our favourite thing about Christmas. It was a great icebreaker, especially as I recognised almost everyone from their twitter photos and one girl Katie who had been at a previous event I'd been to.

After getting to know everyone a little better we started with demonstrations of products from the Halloween collection. There were some new products and some returning favourites. I'm not going to lie I'm genuinely heartbroken that Nightwing was discontinued this year because it was one of my favourites last year. But, anyway the products from the Halloween Collection are Lord of Misrule Shower gel, Lord of Misrule bath bomb,  Pumpkin bath bomb, Sparkly Pumpkin bath bar, The Goth Fairy shimmer bar, Monster Ball bath bomb, The Autumn Leaf bath bomb, Boo bath melt, Fireside Soap and the Magic Wand Soap. 

I personally normally prefer the Halloween collection to the Christmas but this year it's a tie. I was so happy that the Autumn Leaf bath bomb is now available in England as it has previously been available over-seas. I really love the beautiful colour that it produces, the green and red make for such a lovely looking bath, it also smells gorgeous. I'm a life long fan of the Lord of Misrule scent so I'm glad that this product made a return, and I always bulk buy the shower gel from Oxford Street I love it so much. I really enjoyed the Monster Ball bath bomb, I think that it looks so cute and I can't wait to try the product out.

( Picture 1 - Left Autumn Leave demonstration Right Lord of Misrule. Picture 2 The Monster ball)

After the Halloween product demonstration we play a game of find the tie wrapped products, theres were 19 hidden around the store containing Christmas products and 16 of us at the event. I personally found two of the wraps which was super fun and exciting. We then processed to pass our tie wraps to GT as she showed us all the products, explained the scents, told us what was new and the returning favourite products!

 Now this years Christmas products are as followed ;

Bath Bombs - Shoot for the stars, So white, luxury lush pud, Stardust, Golden Wonder, Mistletoe, Butter bear, Never mind the ballistics, Father christmas, Northern Lights.

Bubble Bars - Peeping santa, Snowie, Sparkling red slippers, Candy mountain, The christmas penguin, Snow angel.

Re-usable Bath Bars -The magic of christmas, Jester, Magic wand, Santasuarus.
Shower Jellies - Snowman, Santa's belly, Papa noel.

Shower Gels - Bubbly, Snow Fairy, Rose Jam.

Fun - Elf, Santa, Reindeer and Robin and Snow Fairy.
Body Conditioners - Snow Fairy, Christingle.

Dusting Powders - Fairy Dust, Mr Sandman.

Roulades - Candy Cane, Yog Log.

Soap - Baked Alaska, Snowcastle, Shooting stars, Reindeer rocks, Igloo, Santa's postbox.

I believe that this is all of the products I might have missed some!  I am going off memory since the products aren't available online yet.

( Northern Lights demo)

So after playing the tie wrap game we went through demonstrations for the products my personal favourites being snowie, golden wonder, shoot for the stars bath bombs/bath bar. I also really loved Christingle because it just smelt amazing and I love that it's something different in the christmas sections as I feel a lot of the products tend to be bath related, it was refreshing to see so many face and body products.

Also can we talk about how the Shower Jellies have improved this year, I was literally over the moon when we were shown the improvements. Santa's belly now has a belly on it! It's so cute and is in the shape of santa's belt on this stomach and the snowman is a much better quality this year. Also Papa Noel is in the shape of an actual santa's beard. I'm so happy this happened.

We then moved on to the soap talk. Now if I'm utterly honest I was too busy stuffing my face with a cupcake I missed most of the demonstration. I was also talking to Vicky ( Blog -ThepowderpuffRoom) and her friends , getting to know her better. I did have a smell of the soaps but not enough to talk an awful lot about them. 

After that we were allowed to buy some bits, and I spent a lot of my time talking to Lou, I personally didn't buy much since I was going to Oxford Street the next day. But I did get some bits and we got some gift bags with some cute samples of products! I got samples of the fairy dust dusting powder and the Bubbly shower gel.

I would really love to thank the Milton Keynes Team for an amazing night and thank you for inviting me since I honestly didn't think I would make the guest list. Also thanks to GT, Molly and Elle for the demonstrations.


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