Thursday, August 04, 2016

What I've been watching on Netflix

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Hey lovelies, so it's the summer holidays!? I almost forgot that they still exist having almost 3-4 months off from university every summer! Since I finished in May I've not been doing an awful except watching Netflix so I thought I'd share some of my favs! ( Netflix removed some of my favourites too recently booooo)

Netflix Orginal - Scream ****3/4

Now I am a massive horror lover, it actually even says that in my twitter bio! So in march when I came across the first season of Scream I was so intrigued because I love the Scream films. The series is loosely based around the events of the films but I find that reason I love it is because of how clever it is. The plot is about a young girl called Emma, and her friends in the town of LakeWood. ( I literally can't say anything else without spoiling it. It definitely worth the watch and it now my all time favourite show.

Pretty Little Liars ****3/4

Pretty Little Liars has been one of my favourite series since before it came out, I'm not going to lie I was very disappointed with series 6 and so the start of series 7 went back to the old style of episode, with lots of suspense and I love that! For those who do watch it I'd love to know what you think of the new series and you think the new A is!

Gossip Girl ****1/2

Gossip Girl is based on Manhattans rich elite private school children growing up. With an anonymous blogger writing about it all. It is one of my favourite seasons and I used to watch it when I was a younger and recently rewatched it all. I would 100% recommend this for anyone who loves girly rom-coms and it just is a really easy great watch.

The Purge Anarchy ***

This is the second film in the purge series, and is based around the fact that crime in america is legalised for 12 hours. The events in the film don't directly follow those from the first but does make for an amazing movie. If you like crime/horror then this is for you!

Legally Blonde ***

I recently re-watched this because of its 15 year anniversary and it is still a gem! The story follows a sorority girl who loves fashion and everything cute go through a journey to Harvard Law School to try win back an ex-boyfriend. If you want a good laugh and/or something uplifting to watch then this is for you!

The Other Woman ***

This is one of my all time favourite films. It's about a women who dates a man and soon finds out he is married and that she is one of his many mistress's and soon the wife, and mistress's team up to bring him down. It's the perfect anti romance comedy!

Ask Me Anything **1/4 

This is an independent film based about a girl who anonymously blogs her experiences with her life and her love life. Don't let this fool you this hands down one of the smarter well played through film I've ever seen and I recently found they're making a sequel to explain the cliffhanger ending,

How To Get Away With Murder *****

A law attorney/ professor teaches a group of students about the law naming her class " how to get away with murder". why being taught the fundamentals of law, a group of teenagers get caught up in a murder. A very suspense filled series with a great ending! I 100% recommend this to crime lovers or even if you just want to burn a day.

So these are just a handful of my favourites I've been watching recently! I'd love to know as I have a ton of time on my hands.


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