Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Summary #1

Hey lovelies so I'm going to do Sunday Summaries from now on! Why not?  Plus this week has been such a weird mixture for me and I guess it will make my blog a little more personal.

So this week started amazing, my boyfriend came down to visit me for four days before he moves in with me in September. It was amazing, we went to new places for coffee, we went on all the Pokemon hunts, Oscar still remembered him which was great ( He was very tiny the last time my boyfriend saw him). We tried a new coffee shop in Northampton called Craft Coffee which I wrote a little post about. He was so sweet and treated me to everything, brought Oscar a months worth of food and takeout. It was very sweet and I didn't touch my card the whole time he was here. We also caught a ton of new Pokemon yay.

I also fractured my ankle playing Pokemon Go. I was walking to my house ( literally on the opposite side of the road) slipped on the curb and was in so much pain. At first I put this down to having bruised both knees and my ankle was atleast double the size. Now, for those asking why did you wait four days to go to the hospital? I have such a high pain tolerance after the instant pain went away, I really did only feel mild discomfort. I broke my foot three years back and managed to walk on the shattered bone for over six hours before seeking medical assistant. 

When my boyfriend went home I decided to go to A&E, now I have blood condition and a medical card/ bracelet. I literally hobbled in got a X-Ray in minutes and was out within the hour. I was told the bone was broken in two places, with a stress fracture in a third and that it was a miracle I was still walking. The doctor was more than surprised I was feeling no real pain. I didn't need any pain medication so he sent me on my way, with a few appointments for check ups.

I now have the exciting task of spending all day everyday in bed, doing very little because I run the risk of a fourth fracture where two of them overlap. But, I have been in touch with some amazing brands so there are good blog things coming this week and the week after next! But I have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child three times which is a perk ( post coming soon!)

I'd love to know how your week has been and what you've been doing. I hope to be on the mend and walking everywhere soon enough.

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