Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Passion for Natural Organic Aloe Vera Lotion and Gel

Hey lovelies, so recently the lovely Passion for Natural got in contact with me and asked to send me some of their products to try! I was so happy about this because Aloe Vera is one my loves in life, and it just smells amazing! I got sent two of their lovely products, the instant soothing gel and the daily moisturising lotion.

( The packaging is so sleek and black that it was almost impossible to get a photo without a glare!) 

Moisturising Lotion

This was my favourite of the two products! It smells beautiful like coconut oil and applies to your skin wonderfully. What I loved most about this products is that it can be used as a moisturiser, aftersun, hand cream and body lotion. I personally have been using it as moisturiser and hand cream. Now many of my reader will know that I recently got a kitten, who has been biting and scratching me a lot. I've been using this cream in those areas and it has completely take any irritation and soreness and made my skin so soft.  I also found that a little of this product goes such a long way! I've been using this everyday for almost three weeks and I've barely used a 1/5 of the product! It can also be used as a full body moisturiser, which is great.

Instant Soothing Gel

This was the second product that I received. Now this product can be applied to dry patches, sore areas, irritated skin, and stretch marks. Now personally, I found this didn't help my dry skin as much as the first product, but I did see an active difference!  I did try using this product over my stretch marks and it worked wonders. It did lighten them slightly and I found the skin on and around my stretch marks felt so much better, I also have a massive scar from smashing both bones in my arm and my elbow and it has just taken away the heat irritation I've felt with the hotter weather. Although one thing I did find with this product is that the smell was very strong of Aloe which for me personally I didn't massively like.

I'm going to continue to use both these products for the next few months and try to take some before and after photos because I think it would be super great to show the difference it's made. Have you ever heard of the brand/ used this products I'd love to know!


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