Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Northampton Ground Craft Coffee

So today I visited Ground Craft Coffee Northampton. Before I moved house in June, I had seen it moving in, and I'd been dying to visit since it opened. Ground Craft Coffee is a coffee house and has an artisan selection of food and so many delicious cakes! Unfortunately since I wrote this review the Northampton Ground Craft Coffee has since closed down.

Now before I start, I would like to explain how I feel about coffee. Coffee is the one thing in life I can say that I passionately adore. If I don't like it, I simply won't drink it and that's that. I've had arguements with people because I have literally brought a coffee had one sip and left it.

When we went into the coffee house, I was simply blown away by the beautiful furnishing. It definetely had that qwuirky feel to it. The interior was a mixture of hanging lights, beautiful brick walls, a stunning mirror ( I'm convinced it looks like a coffin, which is so awesome), a mixture of chair types, sleek tables and the cutest little plants. A bloggers photography dream in short. Me and my boyfriend decided to sit near the window, as it was a beautiful day and there was such a lovely breeze.

I ordered a caramel soya latte in a cappuccino mug, and the boyfriend got a vanilla latte in a latte glass. The boyfriend also picked us up a flapjack and a chocolate covered chocolate muffin. As stated above and if you couldn't tell by the mug , I am very picky. Not only did Craft Coffee really give a great service, but the soya latte might be one of the best I've ever had! I've found that baristas very often over heat the soya and this makes it's taste bland and makes it thicker. I didn't have this issue at all, it was light, tasted delicious and the syrup wasn't too much.

I also found the food to be perfect too! The muffin was really fresh and still very spongey, and the choclate layer on top was more gooey than hard. I also thought the little decorative plates they were added onto were perfect as well.

I really enjoyed everything about this place and don't have a single negative word to say about it! Even the toilets were nice. So, if you're about and in Northampton and need a good cuppa, then this is definetely somewhere you should go.

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