Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My tattoo wish-list

Hey lovelies, so the mega babe Jess from Heart Shaped Bones made a tattoo wish-list post last month and I just had to make one. I love tattoos more than life and even though I don't have any yet I can't wait to start getting some. 

Hannah Pixie Snow

I adore Hannah's work, when I think of florals I instantly think of Hannah. Her lifework is just beautiful, and so sleek. I just love her personal style. Her contrast between thin and thick lines is just an amazing mixture.  She's done a few of my friends tattoo and I just lust over them so much. I hope one day that I can get one from this babe.

Daryl Watson Tattoo

I adore his style. I own two of his beautiful prints and I must say they are the most vibrant prints I own. He's second to none when it comes to colouring and I just love the bug/bats tattoo's he's done.  Plus how gorgeous is his line work! When I one day get a tattoo for him it will be a thigh piece something very large and elegant and definitely in a frame. Because, he draws the best frames.

Lucy Blue Tattoo

I love Lucy's quirky style! I am also in love with her script style. I find her tattoos to be so vibrant and the colours to be absolutely perfect. She recently tattooed the meowth and I think it is perfect, I've never considered getting a Pokemon tattoo till now but I really like this one. But I think from her I would get some script and maybe a cake, or something punny. I feel it would suit her style perfectly.

Lilac Fault 

I love Meg's work I have followed her since before she started tattooing and had her print business. I adore the detail in her work and I love the detail in her line work. I did contact Meg about getting a wish bone tattoo from her, after explaining my blood condition and how it can be a hazard with tattoos she said she'd get back to me but unfortunately never did. Maybe one day! 

Hugo Tattooer

This guys work blows me away overtime! Just look at that dot work and attention to detail. I couldn't be more in love with it! I love his fan art tattoos as well, although that isn't down my street and I can definitely admire star wars etc on others! I think if I ever managed to get a tattoo with him then I'd go for something really simple so it could have the most intricate shading on it! 

I hope you liked this little post I'd love to know who/where you get your tattoos done! Thanks for reading.


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