Sunday, August 07, 2016

Dinki Belle Nail Wraps

Hey lovelies, so I recently came across the lovely Dinki Belle on Instagram, when one of the lovely girlies I follow had got beautiful marble nails! I was so intrigued with how beautiful they were that I got in touch with the company and they sent me a lovely sample of their products! I've had these for almost a month, this post is a little late to say the least.

I personally opted for the marble print, because I think it's so different to anything that you can get from a nail varnish and the quality is just amazing. I feel like these would be perfect for a night out, holidays or just if you feel like treating yourself and I feel like £6.99 for two sets is a bargain!

The first thing I noticed about this product was the packaging. Now not only does it come in a really cute drawstring bag but it it also comes with a fool proof set of instructions. I'm not going to lie I'm definitely not a nail expert, and I found these so easy to use. They also include a little manicure/nail utensil set which made applying the nails so much easier.

The set contains 20 nail wraps, which for me would have easy done two sets. I also found that my nails were in the smaller sizes of the wraps and for the longer ones I just needed to trim them a little bit ( which was so easy and took seconds). The application is as followed

1) Clean & buff your nails
2) Select the size to suit your nail & remove clear cover
3) Lift the wrap using the silver tab
4) Apply to the nail & smooth out wrinkles
5) Wrap around the nail & file off excess in downward motion
6) Optional: Apply top gel top coat

And this is what they looked like when done! Absolutely stunning. I also found that these stayed on so well. I did apply a gel coat because I lost on of the wraps on the first day, but that was down to my kitten and not the product!

So let me know if you've heard of the brand and/or like the nails!


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