Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blogger Box Swap - Blogaboutnothing

Hey lovelies, so this month I recently did a box swap with Charlene from Blogaboutnothing. I haven't ever done a box swap before and it was such a fun experience!  Plus, I got my box way before Charlene has got hers! So in future I'll definitely be using a courier rather than royal mail for these things. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was that charlene had used an actual box! It's so pretty and floral and I feel in love with it, I love everything storage wise and I can't wait to use it.  The box also smelt gorgeous! Even before I opened it there was a beautiful scent, which really smelt like a cocktail!

I absolutely adore this little planner, I'm going to move it into my new studio space at uni next week as it will be  perfect for writing notes at uni! I love it. I also got these super pretty floral tissues, which  are just so handy! They're already in my handbag. As well as these super cute vanilla floral hearts. I've put one on my cork board in my bedroom as it just smells amazing.

These candles are actually my favourite brand of candles, they make the best candles at Christmas time! I love the smell and I've already started burning them ( amazing choice girl!). I then got this super cute travel mug. Which was actually perfect because I've been looking for one ready to go back to uni and this is just so cute and the best size. I really like the stamps to, I can't wait to accessorise letters with it. Plus it's red!?

There were also some other bits in the box, such as a paper file! Lavender oil, a cute card and some delicious sweets. But I'd already opened/eaten/used those things before taking photography. Thank you so much Charlene and I hope you love your box as much as I love yours!


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