Tuesday, August 02, 2016

August Goals

Hey lovelies, so I believe I'm going to do a monthly goals every month because I found last months so helpful and I really enjoyed doing it. My goals are lot higher this time because I smashed my goals last time.

1) Bloglovin - Reach 500 followers

So last month goal was to reach 300 and I smashed it and I'm closer to 400 now! I think this is a do-able goal and I will be making a post about how to gain Bloglovin followers this month as I've found some really useful tricks.  I used to really dislike bloglovin but now I like it more!

2) Twitter - Up my impressions and reach 2.5k followers

So this is techincally two little goals but I feel like they support each other, the more follower you have the more likely your impressions are to be higher (in theory anyway I know this isnt always correct!) Also I reached 2,000 followers this month too which if you ask me is crazy! I was so happy and overwhelmed and would like to keep it up!

3) Use Instagram More & Reach follower goals

I know I'm not the only person to go off Instagram since the change. But it is such a vital part of blog traffic and getting yourself out there that I really need to get back into it. I actually have two accounts, one for my art and one for blogging so I'm hoping goal wise to reach 3K on my art page and 1.5k on my blogging pages. Here's to hoping!

4) Keep up my regular blogging schedule

Now I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but I have managed to keep up a really good and really regular schedule, as I'm blogging in advance and managing an average of two blog posts a day, I believe I can keep up a schedule throughout August and well into Sepetember/ uni months! Yay for organisation

5) Keep interacting with other bloggers

In July I have talked to and meet so many more bloggers, I also went to another two events! I've actually come to love making new blogging friends and I really enjoying talking to everyone. I have also found that it has really improved my confidence in my everyday life and I've made so many friends.

6) Continue my spending ban in August

So in the month of July - Except when I went to Norwich for the week. I kept up a spending why? Well my summer rent and at uni/ buying a kitten/ decorating a house made me a broke women.  So I'm saving and not spending and I'm hoping to keep this up till the end of September. Except for bills/ food and cat necessities, I'm not buying anything. I think I've lasted really well so far!

So these are my goals! I am also working with some really great brands this month, so it will an exciting month. My boyfriend is coming to visit me, I'm seeing my family and on the last day of August I'm attending a wedding. I'd love to know what your goals are and what you're doing in the month of August?


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