Friday, August 12, 2016

9 Blogs you need to follow!

Hey lovelies, I am really feeling the blog love right now, and there are some blogs that if you don't follow you really need to! Some of these are my die hard favourites and I'll be explaining why. I hope you love these blogs and check out their social medias etc.

Heart Shaped Bones

Jess is one of my favourite people, and favourite bloggers. Her blog is filled with creativity, originality and her posts harvest this. She has such a classic gothic/ grunge style, this is show in her fabulous fashion posts and her lifestyle posts. If you live in or love York then you NEED to follow Jess! Also if you're an art lover then her instagram page is made for you.

If you love films, food and london, then Sophie's blog is for you. Her film reviews are some of the best I've ever seen. I also love her food/lifestyle posts. If you're ever stuck for somewhere to eat in London this girl has you covered. She actually suggested Dirty Bones to me, I went with my family and we all loved it! She also has a killer taste in clothing and passion for dr martens like me!

See The Stars

Sarah's blog blows my mind! I found her blog only recently, but I am so in love with her writing and her photography is just stunning. I also love her theme on her blog, it's so classy and sophisticated.  Her blog is just so personal and I will love it forever.  1000% worth a follow!

Dork face

I love Jemma's blog. I love Jemma. Her posts are so honest and great. I love her photography, it's so bright and beautiful. I also feel like she's a figure head for the blogging community. Someone who you can guarantee on to spread love and positivity between all, and I know she inspires so many people including me!

I love Rhianna's blog, first up her blog theme is too die for! It's so organised and I love that. I love her lifestyle posts and her bullet journal post inspired me to make mine and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Plus I just love her photography and how every part of her blog is just so professional.

I came across Imii's blog when she was in France and for the longest of time it gave me the biggest wanderlust. I love her photography and the posts from France are just amazing, the aesthetic of her blog is just to die for. 

I adore Tara and everything she stands for. Her blog is amazing, so educational and I love that she has such a burning passion about everything she writes about. I'm 20 and I've learnt so much about sex from her blog.  I am also a massive fan of her lifestyle posts. She recently spoke on TV about body positivity and that again was just amazing. She's definitely someone to follow and look out for.

Miel and Mint

I love Nadia, she's always so supportive to everyone and her blog is just amazing. I personally really love the layout of her posts, especially that of her monthly favourites! She also really inspires me to want to travel more with her amazing travel posts. Her blog is a great mixture of lifestyle/travel and beauty and I just love it.

Salt and Chic

I love Amy's blog. She wears the most beautiful clothes and has a style that is to die for! She's also hella gorgeous. I love her travel posts so much and I love watching her travels on Snapchat. Her blog is so professional and I literally love everything about it. Major Goals. 

This concludes my little post! I just felt like sharing some of my personal favourite blogs with you. Please check them all out, they all deserve a lot of love! I'd love to know your favourite blogs in the comments.


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