Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Summary #3

Hey lovelies, so this week has been really manic! I've done an awful lot but it also doesn't feel like I've done anything at all. I also had my first pumpkin spice latte, which means one thing. It's almost autumn and with the storm we're experiencing today that couldn't be anymore true.

This week was also my first day back at work in two week, the summer is the quiet months at my job which I really don't mind, since I've finished my second year I've only done 18 shifts all summer. I'm a bit gutted that my regular hours are back, I've enjoyed the extra time writing and relaxing. I also just can't believe that it is September next week! Seriously were has all the summer gone? I'm not complaining because I love autumn, but it's almost time for uni and I'm just not ready.

I also came back from visiting home for a week on Monday, I had such a great time at home. My family fell in love with Oscar (my kitten) and it was just so relaxing! I had plenty of time to rest my fractured ankle and it doesn't hurt anywhere near as much. I also caught a ton of Pokemon by the sea, which was amazing. I saw so many amazing Pokemon, I also missed out on a Dragonite IT RAN AWAY. I'm still gutted.

I'm really happy with where my blog is right now to, which isn't a normal thing for me at all. I've become better friends with people at work and there's only one week left of me living alone! So things really are getting better.  So things really are getting good. I've also got some new designs for my store sketched up which I am so excited to share with you all in the next few weeks.

I'm working the rest of bank holiday weekend which isn't the worst because I have Tuesday- Thursday booked off work next week. I've got such an exciting wee next week, I'm going to see suicide squad with my auntie who is coming to visit me in Northampton, heading to Milton Keynes Wednesday for an bit of retail therapy and going to a blogger event. Then Thursday more shopping and cocktails! Which is going to be amazing.

I'd love to know how your week has been! Mine has been very average haha.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spending Ban Wishlist

Hey lovelies, so it's almost September which brings the end of my spending ban. I plan to buy so much when it is over and just treat myself so much! These are my current fashion/beauty/homeware wants. Hope you like them all.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

GM Events Fashion Milton Keynes

( Photo credit: events photography)

Hey lovelies, so last month I was lucky enough to be invited to the GM Events Fashion Show over in Milton Keynes. I had such an amazing night and I can't wait to tell you all about it.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My tattoo wish-list

Hey lovelies, so the mega babe Jess from Heart Shaped Bones made a tattoo wish-list post last month and I just had to make one. I love tattoos more than life and even though I don't have any yet I can't wait to start getting some. 


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Summary #1

Hey lovelies so I'm going to do Sunday Summaries from now on! Why not?  Plus this week has been such a weird mixture for me and I guess it will make my blog a little more personal.

So this week started amazing, my boyfriend came down to visit me for four days before he moves in with me in September. It was amazing, we went to new places for coffee, we went on all the Pokemon hunts, Oscar still remembered him which was great ( He was very tiny the last time my boyfriend saw him). We tried a new coffee shop in Northampton called Craft Coffee which I wrote a little post about. He was so sweet and treated me to everything, brought Oscar a months worth of food and takeout. It was very sweet and I didn't touch my card the whole time he was here. We also caught a ton of new Pokemon yay.

I also fractured my ankle playing Pokemon Go. I was walking to my house ( literally on the opposite side of the road) slipped on the curb and was in so much pain. At first I put this down to having bruised both knees and my ankle was atleast double the size. Now, for those asking why did you wait four days to go to the hospital? I have such a high pain tolerance after the instant pain went away, I really did only feel mild discomfort. I broke my foot three years back and managed to walk on the shattered bone for over six hours before seeking medical assistant. 

When my boyfriend went home I decided to go to A&E, now I have blood condition and a medical card/ bracelet. I literally hobbled in got a X-Ray in minutes and was out within the hour. I was told the bone was broken in two places, with a stress fracture in a third and that it was a miracle I was still walking. The doctor was more than surprised I was feeling no real pain. I didn't need any pain medication so he sent me on my way, with a few appointments for check ups.

I now have the exciting task of spending all day everyday in bed, doing very little because I run the risk of a fourth fracture where two of them overlap. But, I have been in touch with some amazing brands so there are good blog things coming this week and the week after next! But I have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child three times which is a perk ( post coming soon!)

I'd love to know how your week has been and what you've been doing. I hope to be on the mend and walking everywhere soon enough.

Friday, August 12, 2016

9 Blogs you need to follow!

Hey lovelies, I am really feeling the blog love right now, and there are some blogs that if you don't follow you really need to! Some of these are my die hard favourites and I'll be explaining why. I hope you love these blogs and check out their social medias etc.

Heart Shaped Bones

Jess is one of my favourite people, and favourite bloggers. Her blog is filled with creativity, originality and her posts harvest this. She has such a classic gothic/ grunge style, this is show in her fabulous fashion posts and her lifestyle posts. If you live in or love York then you NEED to follow Jess! Also if you're an art lover then her instagram page is made for you.

If you love films, food and london, then Sophie's blog is for you. Her film reviews are some of the best I've ever seen. I also love her food/lifestyle posts. If you're ever stuck for somewhere to eat in London this girl has you covered. She actually suggested Dirty Bones to me, I went with my family and we all loved it! She also has a killer taste in clothing and passion for dr martens like me!

See The Stars

Sarah's blog blows my mind! I found her blog only recently, but I am so in love with her writing and her photography is just stunning. I also love her theme on her blog, it's so classy and sophisticated.  Her blog is just so personal and I will love it forever.  1000% worth a follow!

Dork face

I love Jemma's blog. I love Jemma. Her posts are so honest and great. I love her photography, it's so bright and beautiful. I also feel like she's a figure head for the blogging community. Someone who you can guarantee on to spread love and positivity between all, and I know she inspires so many people including me!

I love Rhianna's blog, first up her blog theme is too die for! It's so organised and I love that. I love her lifestyle posts and her bullet journal post inspired me to make mine and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Plus I just love her photography and how every part of her blog is just so professional.

Miel and Mint

I love Nadia, she's always so supportive to everyone and her blog is just amazing. I personally really love the layout of her posts, especially that of her monthly favourites! She also really inspires me to want to travel more with her amazing travel posts. Her blog is a great mixture of lifestyle/travel and beauty and I just love it.

Salt and Chic

I love Amy's blog. She wears the most beautiful clothes and has a style that is to die for! She's also hella gorgeous. I love her travel posts so much and I love watching her travels on Snapchat. Her blog is so professional and I literally love everything about it. Major Goals. 

This concludes my little post! I just felt like sharing some of my personal favourite blogs with you. Please check them all out, they all deserve a lot of love! I'd love to know your favourite blogs in the comments.


Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Northampton Ground Craft Coffee

So today I visited Ground Craft Coffee Northampton. Before I moved house in June, I had seen it moving in, and I'd been dying to visit since it opened. Ground Craft Coffee is a coffee house and has an artisan selection of food and so many delicious cakes! Unfortunately since I wrote this review the Northampton Ground Craft Coffee has since closed down.


Sunday, August 07, 2016

Dinki Belle Nail Wraps

Hey lovelies, so I recently came across the lovely Dinki Belle on Instagram, when one of the lovely girlies I follow had got beautiful marble nails! I was so intrigued with how beautiful they were that I got in touch with the company and they sent me a lovely sample of their products! I've had these for almost a month, this post is a little late to say the least.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

What I've been watching on Netflix

( Photo Credit *A Girl, Obsessed*)

Hey lovelies, so it's the summer holidays!? I almost forgot that they still exist having almost 3-4 months off from university every summer! Since I finished in May I've not been doing an awful except watching Netflix so I thought I'd share some of my favs! ( Netflix removed some of my favourites too recently booooo)


Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Passion for Natural Organic Aloe Vera Lotion and Gel

Hey lovelies, so recently the lovely Passion for Natural got in contact with me and asked to send me some of their products to try! I was so happy about this because Aloe Vera is one my loves in life, and it just smells amazing! I got sent two of their lovely products, the instant soothing gel and the daily moisturising lotion.

( The packaging is so sleek and black that it was almost impossible to get a photo without a glare!) 

August Goals

Hey lovelies, so I believe I'm going to do a monthly goals every month because I found last months so helpful and I really enjoyed doing it. My goals are lot higher this time because I smashed my goals last time.