Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Willy Fox Vintage Disney Box

Hey everyone, so recently I saw that the lovely SeeTheStars has got a super cute looking Disney box from Wily Fox Vintage and was giving it away on her blog for her lovely followers. The chance of winning for me wasn’t really great with so many entires so I decided to buy one myself.

As I have mentioned a few times, I’m really not a die hard Disney fan I much prefer Tim Burton for anything animated. But this box was just so cute I had to have it. The box arrived very quickly and in a little pink box.

Upon opening the box the first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful little stitch pen. I adore Stitch because of his sassiness and just cause it’s a great Disney film! Then I saw the really love pins. I’ve been to Disney a few times and I’ve collected pins before so I just thought these were such a lovely touch! I really love the Donald Duck one. 

Then I really liked the Aladdin postcard/print, I’m a massive Aladdin fan and it was the movie that me and my boyfriend watched the first time he kissed me ( cringey right!)  So Jasmine felt like such a personal touch to me.  There was some Pocahontas stickers and Hunchback of Notre Dame trading cards that I thought were awesome, I haven’t opened them yet because I plan on giving them to my niece, I know she will love them. 

I also found the acrylic mickey mouse head keyring super cute, it’s pink and very bright which was a little out there for me. I put it on my new house keys and its grown on me, it is very sweet and I love it. The last item in the box is probably hands down my favourite, and the reason that I purchased the box in the first place. The Magic Kingdom castle print, it is just heavenly and looks absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful piece of art it really brings the whole box together.

So if anyone is looking for a really great little box of joy that is Disney themed then I definitely recommend this one by Wily Fox Vintage. I got the £5 box but they do more versions of the box including a birthday version and a Deluxe version so do check it out. 

Unfortunately they don’t have twitter but you can find their store * here * and their Instagram store * here * Thanks for reading and let me know if you’re going to buy a box or if you love it and please do support this lovely brand!


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