Friday, July 08, 2016

Topshop The Damned Review

Hey guys so a couple of weeks back I reviewed "bookworm" by Topshop and I'm not going to lie I was so impressed with it as a lipstick. Then I remembered I actually brought three more of their lipsticks!

The thing that drew me to this shade was the name, I love everything halloween related and gothy and I feel like "The damned" sounds like a vampire related movie etc haha! I have a couple of purple shades in my collection but most of them are a lot darker. I was quite surprised with this colour, it is not the stereotypical pinky based purple that is noticeable a mile off. Its definitely a bright shade but deeper than most shades in this colour range and that is what I liked about it so much. Its a perfect summer/autumn shade and I think it could be so versatile. 

Now when buying a lipstick that is £3 on sale I don't expect very much, because lets be honest it doesn't have the Urban Decay/ Mac price tag and normally price equates to quality in the beauty word. Normally they retail for £8 which is a little pricey but still not too bad. But its so durable, when testing this out I actually feel asleep with it on (yes I tried it just before bed) and I woke up with it still perfectly on my lips and no smudges on my pillow! Which was great, but unlike Bookworm it didn't last as well with drinks/ food,  but with a lip liner underneath and a little top up after meals it sits just perfectly.

I would 100% recommend this to anyone wanting a new lipstick or looking for new brands to add in to their collection, before I brought this Topshop makeup was not something that I would even have considered if I'm completely honest. I'd love to know if anyone has any experience with their makeup other than there lipsticks or any lipsticks they have from topshop they love as I'm going to be buying some more in the future for sure as it's just great for an everyday lipstick! 


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