Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Benefit Pencil Sharpener

Hey guys, 

So this is probably going to be a short and sweet post. When I was at the Benefit Brow Launch at Milton Keynes I had some time to kill before the event, and spent a little while having a little browse around the store this caught my eye because I recently purchased the mac sharpener and against the views that most people have I actually didn't find it to be amazing. 

When I saw this little beauty, Ashley at the store walked me through it and told me that it can be used for three pencil sizes and that one of the holes is adjustable for different sizes. Most of my lip liners are from mac and fit in the smaller hole! It's literally the best at sharpening, doesn't over sharpen the pencil which is great ( I find a lot of sharpeners do). I also love that it has a little blade cleaning tool, its a small piece of pink plastic but it is really good! I 100% recommend this to anyone who struggles finding a good sharpener and the best thing about it is, it was only £4.

If you've ever used this or the mac sharpener please let me know what you think of the two I'd love to hear your views on them both! 


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